Rough Plaster

tonys_2009July 25, 2011

I noticed about 3 weeks ago that there was some plaster dust in my cleaner bag. There are also a few spots where the plaster is pitted. Nothing major yet. I ordered a Taylor test kit and checked for CH. I guess it�s really high since I never could get the water to turn blue. My TA is 100 and my PH is 7 which is a little low. I went ahead and drained about 75% of my water yesterday and refilled it to start over. If I get everything back in check will the plaster continue to be damaged? I can live with the way it is right now. It�s white so it�s not noticeable unless you are looking for it. I can to work hard to convince my wife I wasn�t crazy. She finally agreed there were a few rough spots.

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I tested the water after running the pump for a few hours and my CH is at 360. The water from the tap is about 210 so I don't think I'll be able to bring it down much more.

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Keep the alk a little low and the pH no more than 7.5 and that should keep the CSI near neutral to slightly negative. This will prevent scale formation. The rough spots, if the marcite is too thin can be lightly sanded with extra fine to fine wet/dry sand paper, assuming there aren't too many.

I assume you were using 3" tabs to chlorinate?


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Yes I was using 3" pucks and powdered shock. I assume the shock is what brought the ch level back up. I'm thinking about draining half of the pool again this weekend. I have flagstone coping and have heard bad thing about swg with flagstone. I guess I'll try bleach. The rough spots are small and mainly on the edge of the seats. Is the white powder plaster? Will i have anymore damage if I keep my balance right?

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just wear.Marcite plaster lasts 8 to 12 years.

Flagstone is a generic term. Some varieties are softer than others, The softer ones benefit from being sealed periodically.

Stick with 6% unscented bleach like Clorox for chlorine boosts. One big jug provides about the same amount of chlorine a 1 lb pouch of cal-hypo 68%, Actually its a little less but close enough.


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Thanks for the help. I'll try to chlorox for a while and see how much trouble it is. The coping is OK flagstone. I've read that might be a little harder and can handle salt. I might try it with the bleach is a lot work.

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OK Flag flakes pretty readily with or without salt. Seal it. It'll last longer.

Get a proper test kit. One which can test chlorine to 50 ppm, CH, TA, pH, and CYA. While 50 seems like a high number, if you're at 30 ppm CYA, shocking level might be 30 or 40 for chlorine.


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