Circupool Chlorine Generators

cpoveyJuly 31, 2009

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of Circupool Chlorine Generators.

They have the best price and warranty of any Cl generators I can find. They sell direct, not through dealers, but install looks easy enough.

They have a sale on the size I need, but it ends soon, so I need to make the purchase ASAP.


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Rack Etear

Ask yourself this.

1. If this thing breaks am I capable of fixing it.
2. If this thing breaks, am I willing to wait a while to get parts.
3. Are these people willing to provide the support you require on one of the most temperamental pieces of equipment the pool industry has ever seen ( besides some heaters of course).

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Made in Australia, good luck getting parts or cust. service. Check the website, not even a place to get parts.

The warranty is prorated, note that you cannot view it online. In fact it is a lie, the warranty is 2years on the power unit, 1 year on the cell, and 4 years prorate on the cell. 2+1+4=7 get it? Well I dont, that warranty is a convoluted mess of misinformation.

If P.T.Barnum were still alive he would have his own brand too. You get what you pay for, the internet is for suckers.

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