I'm going to throw up. Scott, Kelly, anyone please help....

banana_fannaJuly 1, 2012

OMG. I think a ping pong ball went down my skimmer line.

The kids had them last night. One of them was missing when they cleaned up. I thought it was in the bushes, we'd find it this morning. This morning the filter goes on automatically at 8. When I got out there at 8:30 it was making a noise and very, very little water was getting into the pump. I know it's a ping pong ball because when I was getting them out of the pool last night, one was wedged between skimmer basket and skimmer wall, holding the basket up so I'm sure one got underneath and in.

OMG. I know this is bad. How bad and where could it be stuck? Pipes? Filter? OMG.

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Is your basket in the pump solid or does it have a hole?

If it is solid, the ball could be just inside the endpoint plumbing at the pump and stuck against the basket.

My basket has a hole on the water input size and a frog was sucked into my skimmer last week while i was cleaning the basket, it was bigger than a ping pong ball and was in the basket when I walked around, I let him out of course.

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Get a shop vac and blow it out from the pump. It'll shoot up and out of the skimmer (basket out!).


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That frog must have had the ride of his life.

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Thank you, everyone!

Scott, that's exactly what my husband (also Scott) did.

He was still sleeping when this was all going down, while I posted here, while I had my 19th nervous breakdown over this pool project.

When he woke up, I told him what happened and he was cool as a cucumber.

The ping pong ball was ejected back into the skimmer - which made me ridiculously happy.

Thanks, everyone.

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Just be glad it wasn't GI Joe with the Kung FU grip! Then you'd need a heavier duty, dedicated blower like I use for winterizing lines.


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