LED light placement

bpricedoJuly 11, 2012

I am getting ready to start a 50x22 freeform pool. The 50 foot length is so i can swim laps. Right now plans call for one Intellibrite at the end of the pool and one on the side (not facing the house). I am wondering what swimming towards an Intellibrite is like? Swimming towards an oncoming train like an old style light? I am trying to avoid a third light due to cost but certainly don't want to put in lights and then not want to turn them on cause it shines in your eyes.

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Will you be swimming a lot of laps at night?

I have color LED lights and both are just offset from my lap lane, which is diagonally across an "L" shaped pool.

The deep end one is the only way I'd be able to find the flat lap end. The shallow one is a little too bright, but if I was lap swimming at night I'd probably just set it to a darker color that wasn't as bright.

Here's a link to my pool blog with night light pictures and somewhere on there is a scetch and photos of the lap lane.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Blue Pool

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I've been reading too much I guess! This was one of those things found in a thread about " stuff you would do differently with your pool". Someone said swimming toward the light was like an oncoming train. No mention of light type, likely was a white incandescent. I don't plan to regularly swim laps at night but when you have $1000-1500 worth of color changing LEDs, you might as well!
I am waiting on cost estimate for two different tile options, if either of those come back reasonable, I might consider the third light.

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