Polaris keeps getting stuck behind ladder!

flymom65July 29, 2012

We have been here for 5 yeas and just recently started having this problem. As soon as I free it, it is right back stuck in the same spot within ten minutes. We never had this problem before. My husband is so fed up and he has been begging me to let him fill it in for months now. I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle here. Any suggestions for a solution would be greatly appreciated!

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assuming this is a suction/pressure side cleaner, just take out as many section of hose as you need to in order to prohibit it reaching the ladder. You will need to brush the areas the cleaner doesn't reach into the rotation of area that cleaner does reach.

Filling in a pool based on a cleaner getting stuck seems dramatic :)

What about removing the ladder? is it used much?

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I have experienced the same problem. It could be the back up valve not working. That part can be replaced. I've replaced various parts on my polaris 380 over the years.

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Polaris, long ago, started making ladder deflectors. I'm pretty sure they are still available/


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Per Kge be sure to check backup valve. Many moving parts, limited life

Does your Polaris incidentally use separate pump

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hilemandale, is the question for Kge or flymom65? I'm assuming for original poster, but yes for kge.

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