Emerald bay pebble tec

sirynJuly 15, 2012

Help!! We are having pebble tec installed in our pool in less than 2 weeks and need to see an Emerald Bay pebble tec or turtle bay pebble sheen in person ASAP! Are there any pools in the MD/DC/VA area that have emerald bay pebble tec we can visit??

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Siren, I am also wanting to see those two colors. What did you decide? It is so scary to choose a less popular color.

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I hope that you are able to see them as that is always the best way to make this kind of decision. but, for what it's worth we have used both of those dozens of times over the past several years and it has turned out great each and everytime. Good Luck!

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just my two cents... obviously very similar finishes. Of the two, pick which feel you want more as water color will be so similar. Sheen for smoother, tec for less smooth.

I would pick sheen 10times out of 10 over tec due to the abrasiveness of tec.

Based on your "two weeks", you should have decided by now...let us know! :)

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We chose Emerald Bay Pebble Tec after seeing it in person. I also saw Midnight Blue. We chose the Emerald Bay because we were going for a natural look. We love it, it is absolutely beautiful.

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We are in the same spot right now. Just had gunite shot yesterday. My wife wants the sheen and I can't justify the $1000 up charge from the regular Pebble Tec. We are down to Midnight blue and Emerald Bay Pebble and the Turtle bay and Ocean Blue Sheen.

Why did you go the way you did. it looks great by the way.

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We went with the Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. We are very happy with our choice.

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First of all, our pool builder told us the Tec and Sheen would be the same price. We preferred the look of the larger Pebbles though. Also, I spoke with 1 company who does Pebble Tec and the man was very knowledgeable. He said the roughness on feet is not really a problem with the darker colors like Midnight, Emerald, because of the greater % of black pebbles, which are tumbled. The lighter colors have more white pebbles and those are fragmented.

He said the Tahoe is 20% Black, Emerald is 60%, and Midnight is 80%.

I was also trying to please everyone in our family- 2 kids didn't want it dark and the rest of the family did. The Emerald is a happy medium for us. It looks like a spring to me.

So make sure you see a sample so that you can see the difference in how the stones will look, and decide if you want it completely blue, or more of a green/blue.

Did you see them in person?

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I am still torn. I think the emerald is a good middle ground, i just don't want too much green.

I like the diamonds on the steps, what are they called? Ar ethey tiles?

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My PB called them "spotter" tiles. Usually it's 2x2 tile but there are many different things available, from glass to mosaics.

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