Fisher Paykel Dishdrawer

Dean.MaleMarch 26, 2014


10 years old. It started running of its own accord around 3 AM last night - with the power off (& we have no children!).

The only way I could stop it was by leaving the drawer open.

Closing the door with power 'off' (no display) sets it going - almost: the whirring sounds are all there but it sprays no water. (Empty cup stays empty).

Also, the automatic door lock doesn't work (this does work as it should when the power is 'on').

There is no pooling of water before (or after) a normal 'power-on' cycle.

Does it has some means of detecting water sitting in it & pumps it out? If so, it seems to be that this mechanism has started operating even when power is off.

Otherwise, its guts look fine, the under-sink hoses are where they should be & it still functions normally when power 'on'.

The issue is the 'uncommanded activation' (at 3 AM!)

(Or its been behaving like this for 10 years & we've never noticed?!)

There are no error codes displayed.


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Is there anything living in your house other than your family? Maybe short, green or gray, large eyes, perhaps long pointy fingers?

Seriously, FP dish drawers have a history of weird, buggy behavior -- it may be using the Windows O/S.

I would call a repairman to check it out. Probably not under warranty after 10 years. I suspect there is a problem with the circuit board that is the tiny brain of the device. Unfortunately, they cost about as much to replace as buying a new appliance.

This is not very helpful, I know. Sorry.

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I told my wife our television turned itself on at night and she didn't believe me until she saw it for herself. Spooky.

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Trebuchet--my bedroom TV did the same thing in the middle of the night about a year ago. And my DH was out of town. Totally freaked me out.

Dean--I have had my DD for about 8 yrs. I have to say that's pretty weird too ;-)

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Try throwing the circuit breaker, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. That might reset it. If not, then leave the circuit breaker off and you'll at least be able to close the drawer until you get it repaired.

I occasionally have similar issues with my MW and so far the circuit breaker has solved the problem.

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We had a computer that did that once late at night. I was prepared to run screaming if words had started typing themselves across the screen. It turned out to be something wrong with the power switch, but I can't remember if (or how) we fixed it, or if we just decided it was time to replace the computer.

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We have an F&P dishwasher with two drawers. It is also about 10 years old. It has (in the past year or so), done exactly what you have described. It also occasionally will go into "drying" mode as though at the very end of the cycle.

We turn the circuit breaker off, give it a few minutes, then turn it back on.

So far, this "reboot" has cleared it up.

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Many thanks to all for your suggestions!

We'll try the 'reboot' idea as there seems to be a consensus there.

OTC - it occurred to us last night that there is a possibility that one of the 3 cats jumping above the sink at night could do it. If the 'fault' repeats, I'll shoot them, one at a time... (just kidding!)


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