If you don't like the weather ...

grammypFebruary 2, 2014

Tuesday we had an ice storm. One inch of ice on all the roads, temp was 8. Today it was 82 and I had to open the doors and turn on the fan (just couldn't bring myself to turn on the air conditioner). Is it any wonder everyone is sick around here.


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Beverly, no ice here but it was in the 80s after a week of 50-60 and rain.


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I had to close the door and turn on the fan because it was so humid and heavy. My kids are still posting pictures of snow and ice covered roads.

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We are supposed to get another big snow storm Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. Will it ever end?
Linda OH

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Linda, that same storm is coming through here on Wed.
Sat. was snow in the am, rain in the afternoon and then below 0 overnight to create icy roads.
Yes, this has been a strange year! And the groundhog says 6 more weeks!

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IF ONLY winter would last JUST 6 more weeks!!

Here in Eastern Canada we'll l be enduring winter for a bit longer than that.


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This morning I was in Minneapolis and it was -12. This afternoon I landed in Orlando and it was 78. That's a 90 degree difference.

Looks like more storms are coming to the upper and eastern States and Provinces. Be safe, everyone!

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Beverly, we are having the same crazy weather. Freezing cold and 24 hours later cool summer temps. The only difference is the warm is the unusual for us and the cold is the oddity for you. As long as it is nice weather in Oct in NC... :)


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Hi Beverly, we don't get quite that cold here, but Tuesday of last week it snowed and it did not fully melt until Thursday evening and by Saturday we were in the 70's and wearing flip flops, it's Tuesday and now we are cold again, crazy weather.

Best to you,

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