Live plants inside/outside home?

homeseller2010January 22, 2011


I will be putting my house in market early next spring. My wife who will be turning 80 next week has some live container plants inside the house that are in dormant stage. She will be putting these plants on the deck early spring thru early fall every year.

Along with these she also grows some pepper plants and basil in the container on the deck in the summer.

Question is -- does these plants hamper my plans to sell the home? Does a prospective buyer repel because of these plants on the deck? Some times I do feel that she over crowds the deck with veggies. But this time around she has promised me that she will not.

Any suggestions/advice welcome.



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My house was on the market over the summer. We had a large deck with containers. I had flowers growing from the containers. I had patio pots around our patio filled with flowers.

But, I would caution that too much of a good thing could hurt. Use flowers to enhance the look of the deck. Don't over-crowd. People need to see they can use the deck for entertaining.

Treat it like a room in your house. Declutter, and keep it neat and tidy.


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I think its better to have neutral landscaping.

A few pots with flowers are ok, but I don't want to see an overcrowded deck with plants and veggies.

As a buyer, I want to be able to imagine what I might want instead of wondering how I'm going to get rid of this stuff after I move in.

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I am in the same boat. I have just convinced my sister to house my orchid collection - its not large, but not small either and might likely be viewed as clutter to prospective buyers. So next week I will Haul the dozen or so plants to her house in S-FL

I let some of the plants that are usually on the deck in the summer die this winter instead of bringing them in for the same reason. They would likely be seen as clutter.

I would keep the potted veggies to the bare necessities.

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Less is better for showig the house. I'd see if someone else could babysit the plants like maybe a neighbor or someone has some space. Your wife could come over and water.

I have lots of plants too. When I sold my last house, I highgraded and only kept the best ones. I hid a couple more behind some shrubs in the side yard and got rid of the rest. I had huge, healthy tomatoes and squash plants and a few herbs in my patio garden that were planted in the ground before we made the decision to sell. I left them there and let them be part of the landscaping.

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