Help with a Hot Tub

merlot78January 28, 2013

We are buying a property on short sale. It's an older house (1960's) and the previous owners made some additions that we are kind of stuck with. The main one being a hot tub on the patio. The problem is they built a sunroom around it so it's no longer a patio but part of the house!The sunroom is adjacent to the kitchen (there is a huge doorway now that is open from the kitchen to the sunroom)
We think the hot tub is super tacky, however we are stuck with it because to get it out we would either have to make a hole on a wall or saw it apart? We decided to just live with it but now I guess I need some suggestions to make that sunroom less tacky. Any thoughts?

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Since you think the hot tub is "super tacky"...

the only way to make "that sunroom less tacky" would be to eliminate the super tacky hot tub.

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Do you have any doors into or out of this sunroom? Do you care about keeping the hot tub intact. You could always disconnect it and take a sawzall and hack into into pieces that fit through doors or windows to get it out.

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You'd be surprised how easy it will be to take apart. The fiberglass shell by itself might be small enough to fit through the huge doorway and out a slider somewhere.

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Freecycle it.

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