Pool Concrete Decking

DunnstationJuly 17, 2012

I recently had an inground pool installed. The concrete work was just completed and it looks terrible. There are cracks (withith 2 weeks of pour) and it looks discolored and has rough spots. I'm not sure what can be done to correct these problems. Should I have the contractor take it all out and have it redone? Is this possible? Or is there some other remedy? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Let's take a look. Can you attach some pix?

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I read your message and thought it was my post from a few months ago! I was in the same situation. PB installed the concrete deck (after trying for weeks to convince me to go with pavers) and it came out terrible. Cracks after LESS than two weeks, uneven, sloppy finish work, expansion joints in the wrong place, water would pool in spots to make puddles, etc.... I told him I was unhappy but he refused to re-do it. Luckily I hadn't paid him so I took that (plus more to have it done correctly) and had it ripped out and replaced. I spoke to at least 6 masons and they all said it was unacceptable work. They also said that the length of time it took the PB to do the work made the concrete essentially "cook" in the truck before it was ever laid down. It was this fact alone that made me want to rip it out as opposed to going over it with a Spray Deck or some other material because who knew how bad the structural integrity of the cement had been compromised.
My argument to the PB was that I paid all this money for a beautiful pool, only to have the most visible aspect of it look like it was 15 years old!
So what I did was take a lot of pictures, call the cement company to get the times of arrival and departure at site (anything over 1.5 hrs isn't good)and get a lot of opinions from other masons. Hopefully your guy will want to do the right thing. Good luck!

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