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neednewpoolJuly 23, 2010

I am replumbing and remodeling my pool. Will have an Intellitouch automation and Intelliflo with Quad 80 for filtering. What is the best way to plumb a dedicated suction cleaning line with an automatic cleaner? If the valve on the suction side selects either pool (skimmer) or spa, how is the automatic cleaner plumbed in and controlled? What happens if the cleaner is not in the pool when the scheduled cleaning time occurs? I already have the Intelliflo and Quad 80 and it now runs 24/7 at a very low speed and the water is remarkably pristine. Do not think that i would want the cleaner to be going all the time particularly when people are in the pool and also it would probably not be functional at a very low speed.

Thank you so much. This site has been a wonderful resource.

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Dedicated suction cleaner line should be one and one-half inch and plumbed to the pool side of the 3-way valve used to operate the spa. There should also be a spring loaded cap at the wall fitting in the pool.
You can use an electric valve on the suction line at the equipment and run the pump at rpm that makes the cleaner function properly. Your run time may be as little as a couple hours depending on the size of the pool. You can preset the pump and valve to operate together. Most likely you will not need two open the valve completely to get the cleaner to work. Good luck.

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Thank you for your response GolfGeek. My understanding of a 3 port valve on the suction side is that the center port is connected to the pump and depending on which way the valve is set, the pump will draw water from either the pool skimmer or from the spa. How would I plumb in the dedicated suction cleaner line so the pump pulls water only from it while the Intellitouch sets the Intelliflo for the desired speed for cleaning? Would there be another valve to select between skimmer or cleaner and if so would it be better for that valve be at the equipment pad or ???

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Yes to another valve - at the equipment pad.

You will have to set the valves up in a way to ensure you don't run the pump dry.

For my pool (no spa) I have a 3-way that connects the skimmer and the suction cleaner line. This then connects to a 3-way with the main drain and goes off to the pump. If the system closed off the skimmer, but no cleaner was in the pool, then water would still be drawn from the main drain.

If you have one skimmer it could be set up like the waterfall schematic on page 8 of the Jandy created file at:

Of course with no water feature, those parts can be left off. And for the Intellitouch to control it, you would need a valve actuator between the vac line and the skimmer line.

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When I had my pool replastered, the pool company plastered over the dedicated suction line. As a result, there is compacted plaster and sand (?) imbedded in the threads of the suction line part. Now my vac lock will not screw in all the way. The pool company is telling me that the reason the vac lock won't screw in all the way is because the dedicated suction line [male part] is tapered and the vac lock is not supposed to screw in all the way.

The debris in the threads of the dedicated suction line are so impacted that a wire brush will not get rid of it and it can't be taken out with a small screw driver.

Do you have any suggestions? Is the pool company lying to me? How can I find out?
Thank you.

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Technically, you don't even need threads for a vac line. My vac uses a rubber insert to hold the line inside of the pipe even with the pump off so no threads are used at all.

About how many turns can thread the line into the pipe? Even a couple of threads should be enough the hold the line in place.

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Easiest fix is to remove the threads on the vac loc with a grinder. Get a piece of 1.5" pipe and use as a guide.
Then tap in carefully, the grinding takes a while but it does work.

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