Rotary blades

bev2009February 15, 2013

I know there was a post recently regarding rotary blades and someone mentioned buying them from someone on EBAY I believe. But I can't find the post. I need to order some replacement blades, so if you know of the place with the best price, please enlighten me. (I really need to remember to save a post when I know I'll need it later.)


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Bev, I order Olfa blades from Amazon, I don't recall exactly the price I paid for a pack of 10, but it was close to half of the cost at JoAnne's. The other convenience, they are sold and shipped directly from amazon, and arrive at your doorstep.

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I just ordered a 2 pk of Fiskars Titanium rotary blades 45mm for 8.99 plus 3.50 shipping on ebay. Cheapest I could find anywhere online and can't get the titanium ones around here.

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I always bought mine on ebay from John on ebay. But I just looked in his site and he doesn't seem to have them listed. Here is the link. Colleen

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay stores

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