Spring Switcheroo

Sueb20April 13, 2014

Remember we talked about "scope creep" a few weeks ago? Well, about two weeks ago we had a new carpet runner installed on our front steps. Recently, in a really unrelated conversation, DH and I decided that he needed a spot to store all the camera stuff he has accumulated over the last few years. It was scattered all around -- on a shelf, in a coat closet, and in a wicker trunk. We had an old church pew in the foyer, which I love(d), but it really was form over function. No one sat on it. It just looked cute.

So we went to an antique store yesterday and found a storage piece that we both liked a lot, which fits perfectly in the space. Today, we (he) moved the church pew into my office, replacing a ratty loveseat that no one sat on either (because our shedding dog had taken it over). I am using it for books! And we picked up the bureau and installed it in the foyer, and it's now full of cameras and lenses. Now I just need to figure out how I want to "decorate" the top of it. I thought that wooden bowl-ish thing would work nicely but I don't know what to put in it. The thing hanging on the wall above it is also a DH creation -- a bulletin board with photos, and it is NOT going anywhere. There is no outlet, so can't have a lamp. I need to shop my house and see what I have...

Anyway, some pics follow.

Here is the new piece.

Darn. Ever since I got a new computer, my pics are coming up sideways.

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Close up.

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The pew in my office.

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Any chance your husband would let you create a gallery of those photos similar to how you've decorated your office wall because I think that would look terrific for your entry. I would probably move the metal flower sculpture to the top of the chest rather than the floor. I like your bowl...good place to drop keys or mail temporarily.

If the photo collage has to stay as is, I would consider moving the two items above the collage down to the chest top on easels.

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Not sure exactly what you mean by the two items above the collage. The one to the left is a doorbell chime so that can't move. The long piece directly over the bulletin board is one picture, sort of decoupaged on a board. It wouldn't go on an easel, it's too big, but you think I should take it down? Funny, it was up there for a while, then I took it down, then I put it back up...

We like the bulletin board because we change the photos a lot. Like it said, it's not leaving. It's one of DH's few "decorating" contributions and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever. People who come over like it too.

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I thought there were two separate plaques over the bulletin board as well. And I would probably take that down as it distracts the eye from the photos.

The round green item looks like a ceramic flowerpot to me, and if that is correct I would keep a pretty flowering plant in it at all times, changing it out as necessary between gloxinia, tulips or daffs, tiny potted azaleas, etc.--- you know, those colorful plants that call to you (me!) at the grocery store. I would get a smaller container for keys and mail, perhaps a small metal tray, smaller wooden bowl, leather box, etc. you probably have one somewhere already that,you can use. And I would either move the metal flower up onto the bureau or move it somewhere else, as its current location is sort of extraneous next to the heft of the new piece. If you don't like that up on the chest you do need something with height, so I'd vote for a candlestick or two (if two, not the same height). Finally, if you want texture I would look at a local crafts shop or 10,000 villages store or women's work exchange and find a handwoven runner or nice textile you can fold and drape on the top of,your new bureau. It's a very pretty color and obviously much more useful than the pew--- which is very cute, I agree :-)

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Okay, I'm taking down that upper picture today. I knew it wasn't working but it's one of those things that keeps moving around the house because I don't have a perfect spot for it. Maybe it will go to our beach house!

The green thing is actually made of wood. It doesn't have to stay but I agree that either in that vessel or something else, I'd like to have flowers or a flowering plant.

There is no need for anything related to keys or mail because we don't come in this door ever -- keys and all that end up near the back door -- and because I am anal about mail, it goes right to the kitchen and is opened next to the trash can!

Yes, I was looking at runners on etsy yesterday!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I wouild put the metal flower atop the dresser on the right side...I like it when there's something overlapping the art work to help connect the 2.

And if you want to add a lamp, you could for decoration...you just wouldn't ever turn it on...

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The chest looks great Sue. I also like the gallery wall in your office.


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I really love your new chest Sue. And it looks like your DH is a very talented photographer, so you're quite lucky there. Sometimes we have to accommodate our family members and their decorating desires too, so if he loves the collage there and if it is a conversation starter for guests, so be it. I was also going to suggest a non-functioning lamp, but Annie beat me to it. There are also some battery-powered lamps available, but most I've seen are a little small.

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Love the new chest -- what a great way to store all of the cameras and related equipment! :)

And the bench looks wonderful too! :)

Yes -- would love to see some spring flowers in the pretty green container -- or even a pile of pretty stones or fake eggs with moss -- or even a few silk herbs in pots plus some moss from T.J. maxx ...

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I don't have any suggestions but would like to say that I really like your style. There's something so free and exuberant about it!

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Scope Creep Warning!! You may want to get a new cushion for your pew to go with the green walls in your office.... just sayin :-)

And I think that smaller sign would look great in a beach house!

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kswl...ssssh!! I just had that cushion made within the last year! Anyway, it's not really ideal in my office color scheme but there IS a green in the fabric that does work with the wall color -- hard to see the exact colors in the pic. It even has teal, which is the color of my office chair. So... close enough.

I found a wooden basket-esque thingie at Home Goods this morning and put tulips in it, AND got a woven runner that has some of my "theme colors" in it.

Will post a pic shortly. This is the picture that inspired me...

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Here's my box/basket filled w/ (not yet blooming) tulips.

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And PS, nancybee -- Thank you!!

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Beautiful! I love the look of a pretty textile on a piece like that. Well done! I see this area changing with seasons and shopping trips.... scope change? :-)

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Oooh! Lovely! That runner and plant are perfect. New piece is so warm. The detail on the church pew really stands out against the green.

So nice about your DH and the pictures. I bet guests are always excited to come over, and will be even more so!

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kswl, yes, I'm thinking seasonal decor too. I am not really into decorating for holidays other than Christmas, but I just happen to have a brass bunny in the living room, and this afternoon I set him down next to the new flowers. He seems pretty happy there.

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LOVE the tulips and the pretty runner -- wonderful visual texture!! :)

I know you said that you would not change the board of photos -- BUT -- perhaps for a party -- really enlarge one of your DH's photos of flowers -- and pin that to the middle of the board -- with other flower photos (or garden ones) around it ..... JUst a thought!!! :)

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Oh, that's a good idea. He has a bazillion flower pics! Actually looking at a tulip shot right now... hmm... gotta go!

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I love the wooden piece with the tulips! I also like the fabric on your bench.

Happy spring!

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