3M quartz vs Gemstone 100% quartz ???

ctm14July 23, 2008


My pool builder originally quoted 3M and is now suggesting a product by Gemstone called 100% natural quartz. The plaster company subd for the job is poolscape unlimited in San Diego. They are claiming this product is 100% quartz versus around 53% for 3M quartz plaster. Does anyone have experience with this product and how does the sterling grey compare to 3M French Grey?


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The 100% hasn't been around long enough to tell you how it will hold up.It's still an experiment to me untill its been around for several years. I think this is the 1st year. It still mottles like plaster why not get pebble.

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I am not thrilled with my 3M quartz. Horrible mottling the first time around. Taken out and redone. About 4 months later, weird staining showed up. Turns out moisture had collected under the quartz. The staining was the mildew. Pool builder paid some guy to sand and heat areas up. Worked for a few months, but I am noticing new areas. If I had it to do over again, I would go the pebble route.

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Lisa -
Sounds like your product was applied poorly. Pebble is better at hiding stains and dirt, but if it's improperly applied, it's performance will be no better than quartz's - you just won't notice where it is deficient until the pebbles start falling off.

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Pebble is not in my budget. After many over runs with my landscape and hardscape I am down to 3M or this Gemstone 100% quartz product. I would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with both.


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I'm not familiar with the Gemstone product, but I have seen some 3m Quartz pools with the Caribbean Blue and they're quite pretty.

I would suggest, however, that you look into Pebblefina. It's the least expensive of the pebble products, and is the smoothest, with the same supposed longevity. In San Diego, the licensed PebbleTec, Inc. installer is Gardner out of El Cajon.

My pebblefina cost me about $600 more than the 3M would have cost and it's well worth it, IMHO. PebbleTec and Pebblesheen would have cost about $2,000 and $4,000 more respectively.

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Thanks arielitas mom, what color did you choose?

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I went with Bella Blue. It's a light (sky color) blue, that gives the water a crisp blue color:

I am posting a link to my pool on the pebbletec website. Also, you're welcome to see it in person, if you're local....(I live in Del mar)

Here is a link that might be useful: my pool on ptec's site

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You're pool is beautiful! Is the tile on your spa spillover the same one as your waterline tile?

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Thanks for the kind words, Grace.

Yes, the tile on the spa is the same as the waterline, but it's installed on the bias with matching 2 by 2 tiles as a border. I'll post a picture of it when I get on to other computer.

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We had Gemstone's 100% Natural Quartz in Tahoe Blue done in our pool and we've had a horrible experience. In the bowl of the deep end, it turned white, and we had streaks of this same white running down from the pool lights, on the steps and in the spa. The company spot acid-washed it and it made it worse. They came out and worked on it a bit with sandpaper and it looked like it was a surface issue because the sandpaper brought the deep blue back.

So, they came out this past Monday and acid washed the whole pool to remove the surface white stuff. Now the pool looks awful. It looks like there is exposed aggregate showing through in places. White streaks where the acid sat too long and ran from the shallow end to deep end, boot prints that won't brush out, as well as white rings where the cans they used sat.

To say we're unhappy is an understatement. Don't know if it's the product or the application, but I just want it out.

Has anyone dealt with this product, had issues, and had resolution with the same product that they were happy with?

Thanks so much!

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Is there anyone in San Diego who has used Gemstone Pool Surface finish - Pearl Sand Stone. If so, I;'d like to come by and see it before I make decision on color

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We are considering Gemstone 100% quartz, too. I'm concerned because one sales person from a particular pool company said they won't even work with quartz anymore; too many problems. Could anyone share more stories, good or bad, about Gemstone quartz, and has anyone worked with Alan Smith Pools in southern California? Thanks.

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@edwarda - did you end up using the Gemstone Pearl? I live in San Diego and considering this product and color. Thanks!

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