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beth0301April 9, 2013

OK, going for a cottage, but not cutsey cottage, look. More of an eclectic vintage cottage look - a little rustic, a little traditional.

Anyway, I've been enchanted by the restoration hardware fixtures that look like candles, but at 2K plus, way way out of my price range. I'd been thinking of trying to make one, but then someone showed me this one from Lowes that I like really well.

I was all set to save my pennies for it, but then tonight this one popped up on craigslist. I think I like it better BUT I am not sure if it will fit the room.

It's a dining room and I'm looking for one for over the table. It'll almost certainly be a rectangular table, large enough to seat 6 or 8. The furniture will be traditional or provencial, depending on what I find, and will likely be painted since there's not much in my price range that has a savable finish.

So, think painted dining set, and tell me which shape light would look better. I really like the bar one (the CL one) but am wondering if it's too plain.

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Personally, I like the one at Lowe's better. But that's just for my home and what I've got going on here. I do also like the Cragslist one but not for a cottage look. I think it's more gothic, I don't know. I may have to see your room to decide. You've got to go with your gut. Do you have pics to post?

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Eh, not really. Here's the MLS pic from the front door - the dining room is the one you see at the back.

It would go where you see the ceiling fan now

I've since redone the floors (walnut) and the wallpaper is in the process of being stripped. The walls will be painted for now.

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Everything is very square or rectangular - the built in, the room shapes, etc. That's why I'm thinking the craigslist "bar" one wouldn't be too bad.

I'm just usually more of a blingly chandalier type, so this seems so plain, but I adore adore adore the melty candle look and really want to find one for over the table.

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I can't pull up the Lowe's one, site is down. I would think if everything is square and rectangular, that a softer feel would be my choice..something round, maybe.

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While I like the one at Lowe's, at 20" it looks a little small for your space. Do they have one a bit larger?

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For another $100 ... this is already pushing what I wanted to pay. The craigslist one is 27", the lowes one is 20"

The next size up is two tier but really not a price option.

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Have you tried They have some Pottery Barn knockoffs, and there are usually detailed customer reviews that are helpful.

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I like the one at Lowes better but don't think it has pleasing proportions. It also looks quite small. I don't care for the artificial yellow color candles on the CL one. It also looks kind of modern to me.

I would keep looking for your drippy candle chandelier. There must be one out there that's affordable with the charm and character you're looking for. If not, keep saving your pennies! You will enjoy it so much.

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I think the bar one is too angular especially if you will have a rectangular table. It's better to have some variation of shapes in a room, especially if you are decorating in an eclectic style. I agree with other posters that the one from Lowe's is too small. You will want one that is at least 25" in diameter and 27" would be better. Didn't I just see a thread where someone had posted some PB knock-offs?

Edited to add: I found the other thread and it's yours, so I guess I don't need to link it here...LOL! BTW, did you see this DIY version? Very clever and could be applied to a round shape, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Different DIY PB knock off

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Yes, I've seen that one. I've found lots of cool ones using real candles, but I want an actual light fixture.

I have an idea how to diy one though, and it's only $1 to try it, so I'll try it next time I'm out running errands and can pick up the item I need. If it works, maybe I'll go that route since I can't seem to find just the right one under a grand.

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I say, wait until you have the table. It will be easier-- not just the shape but the style.

You are handy-- I bet you can rewire. Check flea markets for a vintage fixture!

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They are both too small for your room and I think too small for a table for 6-8. They might work over a small table for 2-4. If the size isn't right, you are throwing money away, so don't make the decision based on price alone. Saving $100 to throw away $150 isn't smart.

I'd use something like the one from IKEA linked below (you could go a bit larger, but I would consider this minimal size) or search non-lighting stores like Cost Plus, Pier One, Home Goods (I've seen some chandeliers showing up at mine) as well as resale shops, especially a Habitat ReStore or architectural salvage. You're doing great. Be patient.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea chandelier

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You're right; it's lack of patience that's driving me insane. :)

I love the Lerdal! Unfortuantely it's a halogen fixture and I don't care for halogen. It's beautiful light, but the heat is crazy and here in the midwest 100 plus degree summers, it's not something I care to use for one of my main fixtures.

I will try to make my "pillar candle shade" today and see if it works. If so, it would work on any chandelier so I can then find the perfect one resale or through Habitat and won't be limited to the ones that already look like drippy pillar candles.

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Well, for that price, it would be almost as good as a resale bargain in terms of rewiring and make it work with a standard base. Incandescents are hot too. I have krypton bulbs in my dining room chandelier and I don't know, but they seem to be cooler. Not as cool as LEDs, but LEDs have yet to achieve a good looking bare bulb. With the pillar covers you like, that wouldn't be an issue.

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