Exterior shutters for bay window?

musicmavenApril 5, 2010

Have painted my window shutters & front door black. Would it look OK to add black shutters to bay window in porch area to balance color?

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In my opinion, no, because a single shutter on each side would not function to cover a window of that type so it would look unrealistic.

Perhaps the black could be added through some other element.

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I agree with palimpset.
We have 4 bay windows on the front of our house and I have been tempted to add shutters but it would look odd to have just one shutter on each end.

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Black window boxes maybe?

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I put in a bow window and took off the shutters. It looked funny because of what palimpsest said.

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Someone here recently linked to this site and it talks about bay windows iirc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exterior Shutters

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I am going to have to read that site again megsy...some of it makes sense, some of it doesn't...apparently I have a lot to learn...thanks for posting it.

I like the idea of a black window box too. :-)

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I love that website. The guy who created it is a shutter fanatic. Speaking of wrong sized shutters, he writes: This injustice has already reached epidemic proportions.

But once you read his site and then go about looking at shutters, you can see how builders get it sooooo wrong.

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I had a dilemma when I added a french style bay widow to the front of my house and have beautiful fully functional shutters which we use to lock up the house or to keep it cool. I had custom shutters made that fold in on themselves and have a heavy wrought iron bar that hold them back and several iron "dogs" (I think they are called dogs? the metal toggles that hold shutters in place.) to hold them nice and tight when I batten them down. I used them during the last hurricane to test them out and they held firmly in place. Didn't rattle or shake. They wholly functional and don't look at all affected.

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