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palimpsestApril 7, 2013

The original owner of the rehabbed house died in December at 89. One of the sellers was there today, and explained that the mantelpiece in the LR is assembled from bits and pieces of the ruins of fireplaces upstairs.

The staircase from the 2nd to 3rd floor was beautifully intact Federal. (Benign neglect during the barroom era).

The seller explained that there was a near immediate offer on the house by someone who wanted to remove the Magaziner staircase and other elements, but the offer fell through. (To me, he seemed relieved).

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Pal, I am guessing the first floor was originally brick.

I love Federal. So pleasingly simple. But I like the Magaziner staircase, a work of art.

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The first floor or ground floor would have been wood. The basement would have been brick. I looked at another house of this era yesterday that still had loose-laid brick floors in part of the basement.

The floors on this level must have been trashed, as well as the staircase on this level (which may actually have been removed to another area). The bar had "rooms" upstairs, which generally means it as a brothel of sorts. This probably left the upstairs pretty intact, and it was used as is. So, there are some beautiful floors and that staircase on the upper floors.

There were a number of houses in this neighborhood that were used as warehouses, or commercially on the first floors only and in either case, a lot of damage or modification happened on one floor while the remainder sat in wait to be lived in again.

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Fantastic staircase!

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