New Pool Bid, Dallas Texas, Thoughts Please

bumdaddyJuly 13, 2012

Just got another bid for the pool, please let me know any thoughts or concerns.

Thanks for your help!

Dallas, Texas


Surface Sq ft: 450

Perimeter: 90

Pool Size: 30' x 15' (straight line)

Depth: 3.5-5.5

16,031 Gallons


1 bench, 1 sun deck

Filter: Jandy 48 sq ft DE filter

Circulation Pump: Stealth Pump 2 hp

Chlorine Dispenser: Rainbow 320

Computer Center: Jandy PDA PS4 (pool/spa)

Heater Size and Electronic Ignition: Jandy LRZ400 Natural Heater

Cleaning System: Polaris 280

Spa: 8 Jets, 1 fountain, Polaris 220V 1.5HP QT blower included

2 skimmers, 5 returns, 2 safety main drains

1 500W pool light, 1 100W spa light

Coping: OK flagstone

Estimate: 40k


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A two speed or variable speed pump are suggested. You don't need 2 HP for normal circulation. It just burns to much electricity.

If you want the fountain and the spa on at the same time, get another pump and drain set added for the fountain.

Bump the controller to an RS-8. If you go to a two speed pump, you will have exceeded the RS-4's relays.

I also encourage using LEDs, wired so the spa and pool may be used separately.

Will this raise the price? Yes but it will increase your flexibility too.


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Thanks! Will inquire about these.

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I would add a bubbler on the sun deck.. should be no cost, but I we love our.. helps with water circulation on the sun deck

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Bumdaddy - Fellow Dallasonian here. You're pool requirements are very similar to ours and we're being priced WAY above $40K - Who is that bid from?


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I would add another light to the pool as well. If it's 30' long, you may find that only one light leaves some dark areas. I agree with PoolguyNJ on everything else.

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Thanks! Per PoolguyNJ we upgraded to a 2 speed pump.
We also changed to a SWCG and switched from OK flagstone to Tenn Flagstone to hopefully help avoid some of the corrosion that I had read about here.

Please take a look at the 3d rendering. We don't have a ton of yard and we wanted to keep as much grass as we could, so we are using the existing patio and step stones.

With the spa inside the pool area, should I extend the length of the pool a few feet?

Meeting with the PB on Thursday to sign off on the rest and pick a date to break ground. Any other bells or whistles you would recommend?

Link to youtube pool render

Here is a link that might be useful: POOL RENDER

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