The Jewel Box quilt

grammypFebruary 1, 2012

Here is a picture of the Jewel Box quilt with the applique pieces pinned on. Just wanted to get an opinion before I commit. I can always just finish it with out and be done, but since it is to be given away at the Tandem Weekend, I wanted to add a little something. Can you tell what the applique is supposed to be? I could make it smaller if that would look better. The quilt is full size, but is on a queen bed.


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I think smaller - Like maybe by 1/3 - is that possible?
More in proportion to the block - lees in your face :)
I love the applique design and think its perfect and you should do it!

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First of all, I love your quilt. It is really beautiful.
Second, the applique is two bikers on a tandem bike. It is a very clever design. Did you create it yourself?
Third, I think your idea to put the applique on the quilt is very clever, but I think the quilt would be more attractive just as it is.

Could you put the applique in a smaller version on one of the whilte blocks? Or maybe on the label on the back? I just can't imagine covering your beautiful blocks. Just my opinion...

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I love the quilt without it, but I love the applique too. My husband, the biker, said the same thing. He thinks it the applique would be better on a plainer quilt. However, since it is going to bikers, who knows?

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I love the applique and I recognized what it was right away, but that might be because I know you. ;)

I also think maybe it takes away from the beautiful quilt, but what about putting it, full size, on the back?

Love it

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Love the jeweled coloring against the white background.
I think the large applique pieces would make the quilt look too busy.
Would it be possible to make much smaller pieces that could be added to the white border? ...perhaps just in one corner section?


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I love the applique but I like the quilt better without it. Maybe a smaller applique on the label. The quilt is beautiful!
Linda OH

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Thanks for the quick replies. I can easily put it on the back. Since I haven't purchased backing fabric yet, it can be any color. That would also help with the twisted seam problem during applique. The original picture is 1.5 x 2.5 inches and I can make it any size I need to. I could put it on the white border at the bottom and make that the label.


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Your quilt is nice but I wouldn't put your lovily bikers on the patchwork, too busy. I thought of putting a smaller one on the bottom before I read your last post.
I think it would work in the rt. lower corner on the white quite nicely. It would work as a larger applique on the back as well. How about sm on the front and large on the back?? I think your friends would like that idea.

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Love the jewel box quilt!
The tandem biker image is very clever and needs to be on the quilt but I really like Jayne's idea of putting the large image on the back and a small one on the front as the label. For this quilt, putting the label on the front lower corner is appropriate!
How about a light blue backing with the large image on it? Like bikers silhouetted against the sky.

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OK, here is the latest version. I am going to put a small version of the applique on the white border of the front. I am going to applique the bikers onto the back, sandwich the quilt, then put it in the frame upside down. I will echo quilt around the pieces several times so the shape of the bikers will be on the front.

A little history on the quilt. We will be hosting the Alabama Tandem Weekend in March. Hopefully we will have 10 other teams, but more would be great. The couple who has hosted for the past several years have made Adirondack chairs to give away as a prize to the winner of a trivia game about things seen on the rides. They were beautifully stained with pictures burned into the wood. Well, I can't make chairs, but I can make a quilt. When I cleaned out my scrap box before Christmas, I ended up with loads of 5 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares and decided it was time to make the jewel box. The top is made entirely from my scraps (even the WOWs and black applique). Now I need to get something for the back and get busy.


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I think that applique plan and the quilting plan will work great!!!

Well thought out (with help!)

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I like your quilt as it is. Jewel Box is one of my favorite patterns and it's great that you got to use what was in your stash.

I recognized the design right away but I had a clue when you mentioned it was for the Tandem Weekend.

I would do as some of the others suggested and put the design on the back.
I think the echo quilting around the design is a clever and interesting idea.
Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.


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Beverly, great-no-perfect plan. When you do the applique, I suggest you make it on a separate block of fabric, cutting the block slightly larger, than cut to correct size after stitching. The applique draws up the background block.
Do the same for the backing. Cut a section/big block for the bikes, applique, square to size , then proceed making your backing.
For the backwards echo quilting, you might want to cut some of your bicycles different sizes to use as a template to pretend echo quilt all over the quilt around the main big echo quilting.
This is sooooooo cool!
I love your quilt!!

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Beautiful quilt, but I just can't see the applique on the front, either.

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I'm late to the party here, but another vote for putting the applique on the back.

The bold graphic applique pattern is wonderful. The piecing is gorgeous.

The two just really do not complement each other.

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I agree with your decision to put the big applique on the back. I think it will make it easier to see heads of the riders. I love your pattern. Your quilt will make an excellent prize!

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Beautiful quilt Beverly!! I love the applique, very unique!

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It's a lovely quilt! I thought the black pieces were a fuzzed out security number, the kind you have to type in on a website to prove you're a human. 0440. Then, I thought maybe you were trying to make sure nobody copied your I was confused. I'm up to speed now though, since I read the thread! Actual bikers would know right away, of course, but I got a kick out of myself when it dawned on me. It'll be so terrific on the back though--even I couldn't miss it then!

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I also vote for the applique to be on the back since the front is on the busy side. The blocks are nice, and I see that you used a variety of white fabric, thus helping to clean out a persons stash pile. Great idea.

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I'm glad you decided to put the applique on the back. It think it will still be very meaningful to bikers but the quilt will be much more versatile and flexible to fit into any kind of setting. It's really lovely.

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Gorgeous quilt, Beverly! The applique is a beauty too and will look great in it's own setting on the back.


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It looks good. I think if you made the heads of the 2 bikers black and oval shaped the image would be more quickly realized when someone looks at the quilt. I really like the jewel-box pattern. It is very beautiful. A quilt well-made.

Best to you,

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