Need a paint color for empty house with dark wood trim

jockewingJanuary 25, 2011

I am trying to sell a house I inherited. I just had an estate sale and everything sold so the house is basically empty now. All of the walls are currently painted SW Creme, one of their older colors that is basically white with a drop of gold in it. These walls have not been painted in 15 years, but amazingly I had some new Creme paint mixed up and it matches exactly! I am pretty sure I'm just gonna reroll the bedrooms with one coat to cover any spots. But I am thinking of painting the living room and other rooms in the front of the house with some color to give the place some life.

The living room has one wall on which the fireplace is situated that has a yellowish/gold brick. All the trim in the house is the 80's dark brown wood with a slight orange-ish tint. The carpets are all a cocoa-type color with a slightly gray undertone. Any recommendations on a color? I kind of want to stay away from beige as that will just be another warm brown tone to go with all the other brown and yellow tones already present. But, I know that beige might be the safest choice. I tried a sample of SW Believable Buff and it looks OK.

Basically I want something that will complement the wood trim and make it less noticeable. Right now there is too much contrast between the white walls and the dark trim and I think it makes the place look slightly "choppy".

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I have dark wood trim in my house (1908) and have found that light, sagey greens can blend with the wood without being to "in your face." You may also want to try a warm taupe - buyers seem to like that color. You are right in that the more contrast you have, the more the wood stands out. If it is nice, large scaled wood trim then contrast is a good thing.

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Post a few photos of the living room on the Home Decorating forum and ask for suggestions.

Have you looked under the carpeting for hardwood floors?

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Unfortunately, this home was built in 1983 and there isnt any wood under there

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I'm thinking something cool like a pale teal would balance the warm colors of the trim, carpet and creme walls. If you keep it the same value (on the scale from light to dark) as the creme, the house won't look choppy. Can you pull a color out of something that's not going to change, like a countertop or existing draperies that convey?

Here is a link that might be useful: How to choose a paint color

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If you have an 80's home, that stained trim may not be anything special. You might just be better off painting it too and giving the house a lighter look.

As far as color everyone always suggests beige because it is safe. There are other 'not in your face' colors that will work. A light yellow might work with your house, particularly a vanilla or something that would compliment the gold in the room. You can paint darker colors, but that tends to make a room look darker and smaller. If you truly want something a bit darker, I might go as far as a medium color, but wouldn't go any darker than that.

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