Does anyone have a Kraftmaid Base Pots and Pan Pull Out?

lovlilynneMarch 21, 2009

And if you do, how do you like it? I am in the process of trying to design my new kitchen, and I was really hoping to have a 30" cabinet to store pots, fry pans, and lids, but it looks like I will only have the max of 24". The P&P pull out seems like it will hold a lot of stuff in an organized fasion. I am also thinking of getting one of these for "glass land" (you know, the cabinet that holds your casserole dishes, glass 9x13 baking dish, mixing and serving bowls, etc.) I'm really interested to know if they are as good as they look.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have no idea about these bases, but my glass land would take WAY more room than one of these. I have a small pyrex addiction... I just loved that you called it glass land. :)

Couldn't you just have a 24" set of drawers? It seems like if you turned that unit sideways, you'd have two deep drawers and one less deep on the top for a regular, 3 drawer unit.

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Melanie, thanks for the follow up. "Glass Land" came from the fact that I have a "plastic land" - that's my husband's name for where all the rubbermaid/gladware/and, yes, we have one of those carousel storage systems is.

If I could figure out how to embed a picture in these posts, I'd attach a picture of my current glass land. I have everything stacked on top of each other - DH refuses to put dishes away in it. I feel like drawers won't help with accessibility very much - I'll still have to stack items on top of each other.

Diamond actually has a couple of pictures that show this same pull-out really loaded up, and it looks very versitile. Both pullouts can slide separately so there's no reaching under and over things. I still would have to stack items, no question, but it seems like a better option than just a regular 2 pullout trays. Maybe?

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don't do it. I have kraftmaid and was going to put in the pullouts but I realized I'd lose a ton of interior space with them. I wasn't going to be able to put the same amount of pots/pans in my cabinet which was 30". I was going to have to put some of them into another cabinet. Same for those soft close drawers. I ended up losing what amounted to one whole drawer because the hardware takes up so much room. There's nothing wrong with this hardware. It works smoothly. It's just about losing space.

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if u want to embed photos into the message, put your photos into It's free. Resize your photos under Edit to "Large" in the pull down menu. Then copy and past the first link on the left into your message space. When you preview your message, you'll see your photo.

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Can you do two large base drawers instead? That's what I did in my summer kitchen for the big stuff. I also went with big drawers under my range top for my pots and pans in my main kitchen. I find the drawers really easy.

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I have this in the Diamond line. I have not moved into the house just yet so I can't comment on my usage of the cabinet. I do love the look and functionality of it. It has a lot of room and I can't wait to get my pans in there.

I have a rather large kitchen so this cabinet was not a sacrifice of space for me at all. I do see other posters point about it taking up space if you were limited. The large deep drawers are always nice for pans.

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It might be better to put your glass in an upper cabinet with dividers. Stacking makes them a pain to put away. Most cabinets with dividers are used for baking sheets, etc., but I think glass pans could go in there just as well. This is a relatively short cabinet above my oven, but if you used a regular height upper cabinet you could divide it in half horizontally and have twice the space for the glass.

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Oooh, sorry to hijack, but:

Sally123, I love your cabinet hardware! Mind sharing the brand/where you got it??

Thank you!

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Hi - I tried to convert my wire drawings (they are in pdf) to jpg so I could share them, but no luck yet. I think it would help to understand the issue.

Sally, can you tell me the dimensions of this cabinet? I like the idea - and in fact asked my kitchen designer if I could do something like that above my refrigerator, but she said it was only 12" high (so, like 9" with the frame) and wouldn't work well. The cabinet I am trying to design around is 24" - that's all I have.

I am not sold on drawers - I know that lots of people on the forum love them, but I just can't picture it. I currenly have a set of 4 - in a 15" wide base - and they are just so disorganized! Almost every drawer in my kitchen is a mess.

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The cabinet is above my built-in ovens and is 24 inches deep. It is 34 inches wide and 18 inches tall. My cabinets are framed and the inside dimensions are 31-1/2 inches wide and 15-1/2 inches tall. The inside of your 12-inch cabinet should be about 9-1/2 inches and that should be tall enough for your glass pans if your cabinet is 24 inches deep. Also some cabinet lines carry deep drawers that are divided, like this:

Thanks. I bought the hardware at Lowes. It is an Amerock satin nickle subtle arch pull from the Essential'Z collection, and the number is BP9362-G10. I like it very much.

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