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bev2009February 14, 2012

Do you find that the charm packs at Joann's seem to be lower quality fabric? It seems to be that sometimes the precut fabric look cheap. I have some quilt patterns I got at a garage sale this summer that came with the fabric precut. I finally pulled them out to look at them, and the fabric looks very cheap to me too. I haven't really been buying fabric since the 70's, when fabric was made in the USA and was pretty much all high quality. All you experts, please educate me!

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I don't consider Joann's to be high quality. But, they are now starting to handle some that is heavier. You get what you pay for so it's your choice. I still have some old quilts that have bits from Joann's because that was all I could get to at that time. Once quilted, you wouldn't know.

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Bev2009, I consider anything at JoAnns that's in a bundle or taped/tied together to be inferior. Just my opinion of course. I consider JoAnns to be more of a hobby shop, but like Linda said, they have some nice fabric. Even the Kona they carry isn't the same as buying from HOP. I'm getting more persnickity about where my fabric is made, too.


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Especially their bundled, pre-cut fabric isn't the best but it works for some applications. They have started selling some higher quality quilting cottons but of course the price is higher too. I was very surprised the first time I used their Kona because it is definitely not the same as Hancocks.

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