Here Are the Majestic Plum PebbleTec Photos! Finally!

gina171July 24, 2008

THANK YOU to everyone who offered me their advice, encouragement, and patience over the past few weeks as we agonized over our color choice! I appreciate your kindness and help so much, and I hope seeing these photos will encourage more folks to consider this VERY underused PebbleTec color. Don't be afraid of the purple plaster, once you add sun and water, the color transformation is amazing. :-) Also, our landscaping is not done, and the tile still needs to be acid wiped here because of the leftover haze, but you CAN see the water color, which is the whole point, right?

Well, I finally figured out this posting deal, so here we go, with a photo of the sample chip that started it all. I fell in love with the natural look of the stones, and liked the fact that it had twice the number of black stones as Tahoe Blue, but that plaster looked a little odd to me:

And the BACK of the sample chip was really super purple and scary:

But after the acid wash it really didn't look too crazy, almost looked sort of brownish and natural:

But THIS was where I got a little concerned, because the purple was showing more in the light, and the water seemed to be greening, and I had really wanted to NOT have green water. But what can you do at this point? So I decided not to fret, and that I would love it no matter what (hopefully):

This was NOT what I'd hoped for in a water color, but then it seemed to maybe be blue-ing up a bit:

And then WOW!!! Look what 25,000 gallons of water will do to purple plaster and natural stones...BLUE!

Deep end looking blue as well:

I think it's sort of like Tahoe Blue, with less of a green tint in the deep end. And in real life, it really is just a shade or two deeper than in this photo (photo is a little washed out, my flagstone is darker, too):

You can't see the abalone shells in here, but we love them and they were worth the extra $350, so beautiful in the sun and underwater:

Just what we hoped for in a color! NOT AT ALL like the color samples in the PebbleTec Photo Gallery online! I hope they change those online photos, because I think many more people would go with this color is their online photos were more accurate. Here's my water:

But here's their ONLINE photo of it...don't you think this is VERY different than my photos?

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And here's their online chip...I think the stones are accurate, but again, not the water color:

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Wow, looks great, not sure I'd have gone that way given the color's name but it really is nice, don't see any hint of green. You have a great setting! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I can't wait to see what you do with the landscaping. What are you going to do with those beautiful muskogee crape myrtles? I had eight of them overlooking my pool during construction. I ended up having them cut down before the pool was even finished. they are so messy. I do miss them though. Its not already driving you crazy skimming the mess from the water? I ended up planting skyrocket jumipers in their place.

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Looks like the pebbletech flyer was going after poolscape looks rather than accurate color representation. Can't wait to see your pool as the next cover shot!

Who wudda thunk it? Purple looking blue? I agree. Their photo does not do the finsih justice. Your water color is gorgeous-as is your pool

What flagstone is your coping?

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Wow! Super pretty pool and water color! PebbleTec needs to change the name of that pebble - pronto!. I'll bet if they re-named it 'Azure Smoke' or somesuch and displayed accurate pictures, it'd be a hit. LOL.

I want pebble that looks natural up close. No reds, bright blues or bright green. I'll have to go look at a sample of MP to see how plum the plum really is. It looks hardly noticeable in your swatch.

Congrats. Everything looks great and good on you for taking the leap. It paid off.

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The sample picture looks like its much shallower. The depth of the water and position of the sun makes a huge difference in the color of pebble pools. Thats why you were worried at first when it was shallow.

Looks good, I like it.

How does it look at night with the light?

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P.S. Does anybody else see the spooky eye in gina's 10th photo? Top 1/4 of the pic, dead center.

Somebody's loooooking at youuuuuuuuu! :-)

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Absolutely doubt you're glad you took the plunge (no pun intended)

You might want to send your pictures off to the PebbleTec folks, if you're so inclined, as I'm sure they'd appreciate them. I did when my Bella Blue PebbleFina was installed (PebbleFina was a relatively new product at the time, just being introduced into the national market). They asked my permission to post my pic on their website, which I gave (it's the first one in the gallery with the tall raised bond beam).

I would surely help out folks trying to decide if plum is the route they want to go.

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Gee, thanks so much for all the nice compliments. We are super happy with the pool renovation (ugh, I should post some pictures of the pool three weeks ago with 30 year old, stained white plaster, 70's tile, and no coping whatsoever!), it's quite a transformation. :-)

teppy: I am OK with the messy crepe myrtles right now, they are just so darn pretty, the color complements the new pool beautifully, and I am out there fussing with the pool so much right now it's OK. What I am NOT OK with is getting dead frogs out of my skimmer!!! 2 frogs in 2 days, YUCK!!! We have lived here for 8 years, and have always had a child safety fence up around the pool, and believe it or not I have only had 2 animals (1 dead mouse, and 1 swimming baby turtle) in my skimmers in all those years! I am putting that fence up again as soon as the deck is power washed, it kept a LOT of stuff out of the pool!

banana_fanna: yikes, that IS a creepy eye in that picture. Great, my pool is possessed! But seriously, when you choose your PebbleTec I really encourage you to focus on the STONES, not the plaster, especially when you look at that Majestic Plum sample, because the plaster just blends away with the water. I had about 10 large samples of different colors, and I put them all on my top pool step, underwater, and climbed upstairs to my deck. Once I was up there, the stones in the M.Plum were so natural looking, they really stood out from the others. I had to go downstairs, because I was thinking "That CAN'T be the purple one?!" But seriously, since you want natural stones, if you want some close up photos of my steps or walls so you can see the stones under water, let me know. Happy to help you out the way others helped me!

anelitas_mom: WOW, your pool is gorgeous!! I will definitely contact PebbleTec, maybe they can just photoshop out some of the imperfect parts of my yard, or use a portion of the photo to show the water color variations. I just love your pool color. Does the PebbleFina feel smooth or like plaster? Any pebbles at all?

zookeeper_93: I have no idea what kind of flagstone it is, sorry. The PB and I just met at the stoneyard for about 15 minutes, he showed me some piles of stones, I said I wanted one with a lot of dark variations (which he said most people in Georgia don't want, everyone like the monochromatic look here evidently...oh well, so I had TONS of leftover dark mixes to choose from) and after holding up my tile and my sample chip to a few piles, I just pointed to one. I am sure it was something indigeous to Georgia, since it was not on the pricey end of the stoneyard. I just did it by color.

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Thanks, Gina. I guess I haven't posted any pics around here in a long time...I finished my pool 2 years ago.

I *love* the Pebblefina - it's very smooth (smoother than plaster) and has little sparkle-y bits (from the sea shells, I think). I couldn't be happier with it (but for one footprint they left at the bottom).

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for these pictures!!! I just decided yesterday to go with Bordeaux pebble sheen based on about 5 pictures of either Majestic Plum or Bordeaux that I could find on-line. I hadn't seen yours yet, but all I can say is - it's perfect!! Exactly what I want. Even my husband gave me a pat on the back when he saw your pictures. He was putting all his faith in my judgement. We were going forward with standard diamondbrite (which I wasn't too happy about color choices) and just decided to switch - mostly based on what I've read on this forum. PB loves it, but hearing it from people that don't benefit financially is so much more assuring! My switch, however, also required a tile switch - which I picked in about 10 mins yesterday! We didn't have all of the old tile yet - were waiting on deco pieces - so PB was able to exchange for the new one and start installation today. I'm hoping they can do the pebble sheen early next week. I'll have to post pictures when mine is done.

But thanks again - I will definitly sleep better tonight!

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Ooh, I like it. Very nice choice.

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jen in fl: i am so, so glad the photos helped you! i think you will absolutely love it. everyone who has come to see our renovated pool has had their jaw hit the pool deck, they can't believe that purple plaster made such blue water!

now, one really should get yourself a bottle of wine for PebbleTec Day, because when they start applying that plaster, you are going to FLIP when you see how purple it is! but have faith, breathe, drink some wine, call a friend...the rinse and the acid wash do wonders, and the the water fill then transforms it miraculously.

please, please post photos when you're done? i think we can start a color revolution if more people see this color!

oh, and we almost got the Bordeaux PebbleSheen, we were worried about PebbleTec being too rough on our feet...but then went and stood on a step in a PebbleTec pool and it felt great. we love the texture, plus we thought the Majestic Plum was a little heavier on the black stones than the Bordeaux, but maybe that was just our chip.

what color tile did you choose? Did you ditch the "blue tile" idea and go with something different? these 2 colors look great with browns, greys, taupes, dark slates, etc.

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Hi Gina,

Yes, I will post pictures when it's done. They are doing the pavers today. To me this has been the scariest part of pool building - when all the aesthetic things come together! Not sure exactly what day the PebbleSheen will go in. I will definitely get a bottle of wine for that day! I went with a blue/grey tile. Considering I did a tile switch at the last possible second I really didn't spend too much time fretting over the choices. I love the tile installed - I just can't wait to see it with the water color. Our pool isn't as deep as yours and is only 13,000 gallons (sadly, that's actually big for our cookie-cutter, zero lot line, South Florida yard!), so I hope the color comes out close to yours. I'm sure it will, but I'll let out a big sigh of relief once it's filled.

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How much abalone did you get for the $350? We are putting in a pool, using wetedge. The wetedge rep said he can put in a "handful" extra of abalone........doesn't that seem too little?

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The prices on the abalone shells vary greatly. Some PBs will give it to you at cost (usually $150 to 250), some at a marginal markup (like mine, very fair), and others will charge a BUNCH (I have heard of others on this forum paying $500). My pool is pretty big (freeform, 19'wide in the middle by 48'long, goes from 3.5 deep in the shallow end to 8.5 in the deep end) and I seem to have a piece of abalone shell about every 3 or 4 inches or so, dotted evenly all throughout the pool. So it's there among the PebbleTec, but it doesn't look like a disco. They also mixed mine in with the PebbleTec goop (sometimes they sprinkle it on afterwards, but I think mine is really even throughout because they mixed it in the plaster/pebble mix).

But here's the kicker, and I am just going on memory here, but I swear that when I saw that truck with all the bags of pebbles and plaster (and they're all labeled well), I think there were at least 2 BAGS of Shimmering Sea there...and the bags were the same size as the Pebble mix bags (there were probably 40 bags of rocks, but that's just a guesstimate, I didn't count those).

So a handful really doesn't sound like enough to me, unless the shells were being individually placed...which they're not.

I don't know what wet edge is, is it a pebble-type finish?

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Yes, wetedge is a company that broke off from Pebbletec. I think it's suppossed to be the same type product. We are getting Primera Stone, which is a small pebble finish, that is later sanded down to be smooth.

I am quite nervous that the wetedge guy isn't being upfront with me regarding the abalone. At first he said he'd put in as much as I he's saying he'd add an extra handful. He never mentioned paying for another bag.

I'll have to really put my foot down about this.

Thanks for your response!!

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Gina- Did you end up getting LED lights? Your pool has convinced me to go with majestic plum but I was wondering what it looks like at night with the colored lights.
Does the pool color still look the same as when you first filled it?

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Hooray! I think you'll love the color! Just get that wine for installation day when that purple plaster starts flying(wink!). But seriously, you'll love the results, hUGE transformation with the water!

We have just a plain old 500 watt light...we were keeping the budget carefully since we have a 200K renovation coming up on our house (as my husband says, our house needs a new house!). So we just had them swap out for a plain light. I think these LED lights are all the rage though, because the installation guy couldn't believe we weren't going with the new cool technology. Oh well! I just assumed they were super expensive so decided to not even tempt myself.

At night with the plain light (and/or the overhead lisghts surrounding the pool/deck area) the pool looks very deep blue in the deep end, medium icy blue in the shallow end. Gor-ge-ous, we love it!

I can't wait to see your photos...when is your PebbleTec day? What tile color/texture did you choose? Coping?

Do you have lots of trees immediately around your pool? Our lot is wooded but all the trees (except a few ornamental ones) are a good 20-40 feet away from the pool, which really plays up the blue.

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lala: i forgot your last question....yes, the pool looks the same in that it is still VERY blue, no green tint, no funny things happening with water color as we balanced the water chemistry. Looks basically the same, maybe a touch prettier and bluer...hate to sound like a goofball, but looking at it makes me so happy! It's the prettiest thing we own so far in this renovation, and I love everything about the color/tile/coping combo. you chose well!

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That is beautiful! We were at the PBs looking at their options and Majestic Plum was a standard color. I told DH there was no way. But now that I've seen yours I may go with it. I would like to see one in person though. I would have to rethink everything because I am one who usually only likes blue pool tile, but I don't think blue would go with it. I do like the dark brown of yours though.

Why don't you send in a pic of your pool to the Pebble Tec website? I saw a place on it for people to submit theirs. I noticed that there weren't very many of some of the more unique finishes. I was looking at the pics of Jade and there was one that was beautiful. Nothing like I thought it would look. I guess you have to see them to really know.

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THAT is utterly gorgeous! Good on you for seeing past the "official" pics and into the amazing potential of this colour!!!!

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Gina, what tile did you use? I have looked through the Noble Tile book and NPT online and can't find anything like it. I think it looks great.

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thanks, Niki! the style is "Nero" the color is "Iron" and our PB used a tile place called Classic Pool Tile in Norcross, GA, but they have tile showrooms in the the north as well so it's a national company. i couldn't find it online either at NPT, but i just bought it in july, so i bet it is still available. it's very rustic looking, and the waterline just sort of disappears, it doesn't complete with the pebbletec colors or the flagstone. we're super happy with it. let me know if you need any more info. did you decide on an interior surface/color?

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gina171 - have you thought of submitting your pool to pebble tec? the image from the site you showed in your original post is indeed different looking.

i'm supplying a link where you can submit your own pool to their gallery. :D

your pool is gorgeous by the way.

Here is a link that might be useful: submit your own photo!

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Hi there,

We are just getting to the PT/PS choosing stage of our build and I have unearthed this thread after our PB recommended this color for our pool.

Can you PLEASE post some pix of the shallow end of the pool and what the water looks like there? I would appreciate it. I think the colors are gorgeous in your pix above! I hope to see it in real life sometime next week...


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Just wanted to follow up with you since it's been almost a year since you first posted. Do you still love the majestic plum PT? After reading your post last summer I chose to do the plum color too. I went and personally saw some of the pools my PB built with this color and I love it. Any regrets with the color? It's such a clear blue color when the pool is clean and the sun is bright. Thanks for bringing this color to my attention. Don't think I would have ever chosen it w/o seeing your pictures first.

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Hi there, have not been on in a loooong time!

Sdkath: do you still need the photos? I can probably dig some up if you do. The whole pool photo here where the water is riplling a lot is a good approximation. I have noticed that the shallow end water is slightly bluer in the summer (as shown in that photo) than it is in the winter when all the surrounding foliage and colors are gone; in the winter it is a shade cooler, a bit gray, absolutely NO GREEN. We keep the pool open all year not to swim, just for the aesthetics. Hate those black covers ugh, and my pool sparkles all winter long.

kgolby: We have NO REGRETS AT ALL!!! Love it more all the time. Love that the color is just a bit differentthan everyone elses, too. Love that when we have people over they look at our pool and say, "I thought Pebble pools only came in black or Tahoe?" Because all you EVER see around here are those 2 colors. It is just a fantastic color, I could not be happier and I only wish my pool refinisher would tell people about it and let them come and see my pool. I am convinced it is the name "Majestic Plum" that flips people out.

iswim: i will submit it, I just don't have a completely pristine photo yet where there are no toys, dogs, or hoses in the photo! :-) My pool is a 30+ year old pool, and the PebbleTec and flagstone updated it miraculously!

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My pool is in desperate need of a resurface. Your pool turned out great. Can you tell me how much to expect to spend on the resurface job... perhaps how much you spent per square foot. My pool is about 15000 gallons, so, of course the bottom line would be different. I am trying to see if I can afford this. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for posting your pictures. After spending two hours at the pool showroom, I decided on the Majestic Plum Pebble Tec but started having second thoughts once I got home. I looked at the pictures on the Pebble Tec website but was a bit leary because I have friends and family with Pebble Sheen pools and the online samples didn't look anything like the real thing.

Your pool is beautiful and I am looking forward to having my pool refinished in this color!

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Hey Gina--we're putting a pool in right now and we can't decide on a Pebble tec color right now. We were originally going to go with a much lighter color like Soft White but then we saw your pictures of Majestic Plum and think its beautiful. We were wondering of you have a picture of the pool on a cloudy day, when there's not a blue sky at all. With Soft White, we heard that on a cloudy day there's no color to the pool at all, so we just wanted to see what Majestic Plum looks like when there's no blue sky to reflect off of! Thanks!

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Hi Gina, I know this is a really old post but if you happen to check back on it I would love to ask you some questions about your majestic plum pebble tec. I'm in the Atlanta area also and am seriously considering it! It's between that and Tahoe blue but I wanted to get something a little different because it seems like everyone has Tahoe blue : ) It you could email me at that would be great!!! Thanks!

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