Do you use a thimble?

lindaoh_gwFebruary 17, 2012

Wow, it's Friday! Have you been sewing this week? I have been working on the binding for the never-ending DWR. My finger is sore again so I didn't work on it today. I just can't sew with a thimble. I have several different kinds but they feel so clumsy. My mom always used a thimble but I don't think I will ever get used to using one.

I have put small band aids on at times but I don't have any really small sizes today.

Does anyone have a good tip for sewing without a thimble?

Linda OH

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Linda, I can't use a thimble either altho I've tried every style. I can use those little stick on dots, but usually don't think of it until my finger hurts!

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Linda, like you I have problems using a thimble. I could have about 10 or more different kinds that I have tried with no great success.
One product I have found is called Thimble-It from a company name Sailor Corp. of America. I believe that I may have bought the package from a quilting store, and I would bet that Joann Fabric may have it. This is a small stick on pad - which I have trimmed it to size I need on my finger. It will last a reasonable amount of time. I do not know what I paid for the package of 64 dots, but it has worked the best of anything I have tried. You may want to check it out.

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I can't use a hard thimble but applique all the time. So, I use leather. I buy fine leather gloves at thrift stores and estate sales. They need to fit tight. I cut off the finger tips of the gloves about 2" long. You get ten "thimbles" out of a pair of gloves I paid $2 for. I love them and have them scattered in all sewing areas. When one wears through, I just toss it away. they need to fit snug. Try that.

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Toolgranny I had never heard of leather thimbles, but that sounds kind of neat, may have to try that out.

I do a lot of hand sewing and hand quilting and hand applique. I keep a thimble handy when I am hand sewing and hand quilting, but only use it when I get to really thick overlays of fabric. I changed how I use the hand sewing needle several years ago to prevent from having sore fingers. I don't put my finger tip on the threaded end tip of the needle and push it through the fabric. Instead I squeeze the sides of the needle between my index finger tip and thumb finger tip and push/pull the needle through the fabric while only touching the sides of the needle. That way I don't have sore fingers tips. And then if the layers of fabric are just too thick I use a thimble, but I don't keep it on my finger the whole time I am sewing I just keep it handy in a little portable Tupperware box that I use for hand sewing/quilting stuff. I find it awkward to keep a thimble on my finger the whole time I am sewing.

Best to you,

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Toolgranny, I will look for some old leather gloves and try that.
Kate and Barbara, I forgot that I have a pack of the Thimble-It in my sewing basket. I will get that out tomorrow and see if I can get it to stick to my finger.
Sandra, I have been trying to hold the needle the same way you do but I still manage to run the threaded end into my finger. It went into the end of my finger beside my nail and but it is healing.
This quilt is more difficult than a regular quilt because it has a scalloped edge.
Linda OH

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I can't sew without I like the metal with a dented tip and they are almost impossable to fine anymore.
I can't use anything on my under hand but have found that super glue applied to the end of my finger and thumb works remarkable well to prevent pricks. I have used the tips of leather gloves and pleased that others have found them. I have used them on the under hand but like to "feel" the needle.

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I always use one when hand quilting, I use it on my middle finger just to do the pushing. It's the hard kind with the indented top so that the needle won't slip. I too can't use one on the under hand because I can't "feel" whether the tip of the needle is through the fabric. I tried a leather thimble and jabbed myself too many times with it slipping somehow and getting me. When binding it depends on whether the needle slides through the fabric well or not.

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I'm the same as Rita. I use a metal thimble while quilting to push the needle through. Can't push it otherwise! I just wait to develop a little callus for the underfinger for all of the little pricks.

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I use a thimble and I don't even know its on, but last summer I found one that you might be able to use. It is made out of that super rubber stuff that oven mitts and potholders and stuff like that are made of these days. And on the tip is a metal disc just like the tip of a good thimble. The soft rubber conforms to the shape of your finger, bumps, knobs, warts, hangnails, whatever and just hangs on, without causing any pain. Anyway, if you see one, it might be worth a try. They come in different sizes.

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I have the rubber thimbles but not one with the metal tip. I have different sized ones but not as comfortable as the metal ones which is a part of me. I have some leather ones, even have a pattern for making one but not the same.
Use the "dots" on the under finger at times but keep coming off at inconvienent times.
As I mentioned, the super glue works better then anything I have tried. I wonder how "new-skin" would work. It gives a plyable surface that protects.

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I sew with the small needles so use a thimble to sew (usually) and I do use the metal one that has the dimples (they last a lifetime)to hand quilt. The prob with them is they make my fingers sweat. I also like the open thimble, but they stretch out.

When hand quilting I switch fingers and I keep a rubber glove tip on a finger to help pull the needle through when I hit a thick spot.

I also dip my fingers in alcohol before and after sewing.

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I don't like to use thimbles... but I don't like to stitch by hand either so it all works out!

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I use Thimblepad for applique work a lot. It's a leather circle that's really tough, sticks well and can be re-used. I added a link below.

For hand quilting, I use a hand quilting thimble from Thimble Lady. Here's the web address.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thimblepad

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Linda sorry the way I use the needle does not work for you. I don't know if it helps any, but I use extra long quilting needles that are close to 2 inches in length. Thank you for doing this post though, am really enjoying reading all this info on thimbles!

Faytay I have never heard of those kinds of thimbles, but they sound cool and I will be on the lookout for them.

Best to you,

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Info on thimbles and hand quilting on Bonnie's blog today!


Here is a link that might be useful: quiltville

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Gwen, I just saw that article on Bonnie' blog and came to post it. Great minds think alike! lol
I think I will try wearing a thimble around the house like she did. She also said she put the thimble behind the needle while she is making the stitch. That is where I have problems. It gets in the way when I am trying to make the stitch. I will try it this afternoon. I have 4 more scallops to go on the DWR.
Linda OH

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