Have you been quilting during this winter storm?

lindaoh_gwFebruary 2, 2011

Here in northwestern Ohio, we have had winter storm and blizzard warnings this week. I'm not sure how much snow we got because it was blowing and drifting so badly. I couldn't get out of my house today or out of the garage until we had a man come out with his truck to plow us out.

This afternoon I worked on the never ending DWR quilt. Have you been snowbound and quilting?

Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Ohio snow

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No snow here...in fact, not even any winter at the moment. It's been lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s for a while. Soooo....I have to go to work! I told the gals at lunch today it wasn't fair and we should get sympathy snow days or something. But I did just have a week's vacation and I'm taking next Friday off to go to a quilt show, so I can't really complain.


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I worked on my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks. We had the same sort of weather as Linda....not sure how much snow fell but there are deep drifts everywhere.

Mary V

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Wow Linda that gets scary when the doors freeze shut. Glad you had someone to come to help you. I have been watching the news reports on the storm in the Boston area. It is really incredible and serious when it goes from snow to rain to ice, etc. Here in Saskatchewan, we have not had great weather. Monday it was -30 with a -42 windchill and snowing. Our schools do not close and working people do not get "snow days". Tomorrow it will be 0 or melting. The weather is just plain crazy everywhere this year.

Our January is usually very cold and I plan for it to just settle right down and don't care if I ever go out and have lots of quilting projects to work on. I am doing the borders on Bonnie's Mystery and I cut out a Take 5 quilt tonight.

Hope everyone survives the storms safely and soon we will have spring.

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I live near Reading PA and we were on the edge of the storm. BUT... I still stayed in one full day and did lots of sewing. Actually completed the quilting and binding of one quilt. Last night I started FM quilting another one. Guess you could say I was on a roll!! This morning the roads are clear/dry so I will be off to work.

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We had poor weather all of January so I've been working on my quilting projects. I had 4 quilts done that needed the binding hand-turned to the back...I have 2 of those done and one side left on a third.
Here in Eastern Canada, we got the snowstorm last night and it's still snowing. The winds weren't overly high but we did get some drifting. Today, all schools and many workplaces are closed. The forecast is for clearing this afternoon so hopefully I'll get in my daily walk. This morning I am going to work on my 'Crazy Coins' quilt.

Stay safe.


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I like a little snow and would love to have one more 'small' snow (3-4"). We've had lots of threats, but only one real snow so far this year in East Tennessee. I can't imagine the amount that Linda is getting! I'm a home body, but I don't know that I would like it that much.


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I've been away for three weeks and flew home Monday night into Tuesday only to find that my flight from New York to Boston was cancelled. So I ended up completing my journey on Amtrak. My drive way had been plowed but my cars and front walk were covered with three or four weeks of snow storms. I won't be doing any quilting until I get shoveled out.

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We had a total of nine inches of snow. It was hard to tell because of the drifting. I was able to go back to work today and the schools started on time also.
I have added some more pictures that I took today.
Linda OH

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Back in Saskatchewan today is almost melting, sunny and I went for a nice walk and took my walking poles with me for balance in case I hit an icy spot. Looks like most of you are past the storms. We are suppose to go back into the very cold temps next week. This is just winter here, but we will soon have spring and I can't wait.
Best wishes to you all.

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Ya'll would be laughing so hard you if you knew what weather our schools close for lol. In our defense I saw snow for the first time last year and made my first little snowman!!!
I have driven through it in the mountains, but never actually seen it.
I am hoping to get a LOT done on the Irish Chain.
Stay safe and warm everyone.

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Snow and ice....that's all we've had for weeks now. Tonight the temp is 14 degrees and VERY windy. Fortunately, most of my days off have coincided with the storms so I have been able to sew a lot this year. I did have one trip into work where the car just spun out of control and just kept turning around and around and I wound up in the opposite lane, facing the wrong way, and slammed up against a snow bank. Luckily (probably more than luck), no one was coming in either direction and a couple of men stopped and got me out of the snowbank. Very scarry. I'm off tomorrow and it will be a sew today.

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We're due for a little (1-2") snow tonight. That's usually enough to keep me home. We have a very steep long driveway that I don't even attempt until it's cleaned off. I have a few more rows and the border on my QAYG project and I'll be done. Maybe tomorrow will be the day?


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Wow equilter!!! I'm glad you are OK.
Robbi I'm looking forward to hearing about your QAYG. We are having more rain and it is gloomy today, yesterday was very sunny and I trimmed some roses so today I'm stuffed up lol. I love my plants and my allergies don't!!!!!

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