Need creative marketing ideas for selling - throw them out there!

stretchadJanuary 21, 2008

What are some of the creative ideas for marketing that you've seen or heard of in areas where there's lots of supply and flat prices? Assuming the house is priced right, what are the best and most creative ways to create awareness of a great house for sale?

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Use on Equity Holding Land Trust so that the buyer only has only has to come in with a minimum 5% down plus closing costs and credit issues are not a worry.

What type of edge do you think you would have over anybody else that now requires essentially have 10% down IF your score is ABOVE a 680 and 15%-20% down if your score is below a 680 to a 620. Heaven help those that have less than a 620 fico. Inclusively, you don't need the asset reserves as is necessary thru traditional lending.

Now this is definitely a Very Creative Way to sell your house over the others out ther

Let me know if you need any help.

Carlo Sanchez

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1. I just heard someone giving the realtor who sold their home a 1/2 percent more...which in our area means 7 1/2%!!

2. In my short experience, I'd lower your price to the point where you are astounded at the amount of money you are not making and/or losing and skip the creativity.

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Buy this house and get a free car.
Buy this house and the agent and buyer will receive a 46 in. plasma TV.
Hold an auction.
Offer owner carry terms.
Free basement finish.
Offer above normal, for your area, buyer agent commission. (personally I prefer benefits for buyers, not agents)

These are some of the marketing ideas used where I am.

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There was a sale around here where the owner made up a couple of those large magnetic stickers - probably 18" x 18" or larger, and stuck it to the back and sides of his truck.
They said something like "3BR/2BA home on 5 wooded acres. 6 stall barn, horse country, (town name) Call (phone number)"

You can't help but read it if you're stopped at a traffic light behind it or see it parked at a store.

I saw it in the local paper and TV station (slow news week) and that was even better advertising!

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maybe make up some crazy story about the house that makes it sound interesting... nothing that can be proven one way or the other of course, gotta keep it legal and all. Maybe it was haunted by ghosts, or was the site of ufo sightings, or of alien abductions...

Or make it a "blast from the past" - "Buy this house, with its 1970's retro look (meaning everythings seriously outdated) for 1990's prices!!!"

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stretchad, you would get better ideas if you describe your home and say where you live.

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Spend $10 at & buy the address for a year. Build a website & post on craigslist (you'll get some wackos, but maybe a hit), list it with your newspaper ad - cheaper since all you need is one line - the rest of the description & as many pictures as you want are on your website.

When my parents sold their house we bought their address - for example - & got a lot of positive response. Their realtor loved it too.

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I don't feel you need to go 'outside the box' to sell, and do something outlandish. When I was selling, all but one person who looked at my condo were women. ALL commented on the decorating/staging, and asked if I was 'in the business'. ALL put in offers, most too low, but nevertheless, offers. People want to envision living in *that* space, if they *emotionally* relate to it and like it. It gives them vision, which you would assume most women have, but in reality, many do not.

Buying AND selling is an emotional experience. You want to play on the emotions of 'I love', I need', 'I want'. Once you've 'captured' them emotionally, it's just a matter of time before one of those 'lookers' come back again, again, and again, and will finally submit an offer, if it's the right price.

Make your home move in ready, and model perfect~'nuf said!! Good luck. ;o)

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gammyt - house is in Indianapolis, IN. Good school system, good neighborhood, it's staged well, neutral 'pottery barn' colors, move-in ready, priced equal to comps. 3br, 2.5 baths, game room, 2 car garage - typical for the neighborhood. Also have fenced in yard, oversized cul-de-sac lot, stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, recessed lights, gas fireplace - not typical for the neighborhood. I think the one downside it has is that it's 2200 square feet, which is small for a two-story in this neighborhood. Most houses that are 2 stories are 2500+ sq ft. One stories are 1700sq. ft.

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"priced equal to comps"

Well that's the problem. Need to get under comps when there's "lots of supply".

Marketing can bring in more lookers; pricing brings in more buyers.

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Offer low (4 - 4.5%?) 30 year buyer financing, it will qualify more buyers for your house.

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"Marketing can bring in more lookers; pricing brings in more buyers."

Pretty much sums it up. Even though offering seller financing can also expose it to a larger buyer pool.

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I can't figure out why this post was revived. It is 5 years old!

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