Selling the detached garage

aarsicJanuary 25, 2014

I am interested in techniques to market my detached 3+ garage and workshop. It comes with the home of course, but finding that unique buyer - handyperson or car enthusiast - is what I would like to attract.

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Interesting question, and I will be following. I got ya beat, 4, yes 4 car detached garage. 67 Firebird 400 in bay #4. #3 is a modified fitness center, treadmill and such, #2 & 1 are our daily drivers. #1 is the auto repair bay with the tools on the back wall.
Now if you tell me you have a car lift...then you got me beat:)

Anyway back to your question - How is your floor? Of all the things I've seen done, that thick floor paint they put down really makes it nice. Any built-ins? For marketing, you know a picture is worth a thousand words. When shopping for a house, showing a great photo or photos of the garage, with a classic car in at least one of the bays, you would get the attention of the people your trying to attract.

Good luck

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Interesting, thanks for the tips! The original kitchen cabinets and countertops are in the garage for the workshop. Paint sounds like a good idea - it is just regular garage concrete. I have rented out a bay over the last decade to lawn people to keep their lawn equipment and take care of my lawn.

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I think there is a very broad market for this as it suits so many different hobbies and some people will just like it for the storage. The key is to also have a home that is attractive to go with it as well, unless you are going for a single person or a couple that both would enjoy that part.

Guess you could check car enthusiast boards and see about posting it on their buy/sell forums if they allow it. Lots of them, but key would be to find the local ones. I used to participate a lot on the ones in my area, but with a kiddo I don't have the time to be on the boards plus we still hang out with people we met on there anyways.

Could be similar boards for other hobbies too.

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Good lighting.
What kind of hobbies do people have in your area, e.g. cycling, boating, etc.? Cyclists would kill for a big garage/workshop.

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Honestly I don't think you'd have to do anything special but the suggestions for lighting, floor paint etc will make it that much more appealing. If the exterior is of a quality and design to complement the house, who wouldn't want it? Ok, maybe some people aren't 'turned on' by garages but they're weird ;-)

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I am with DLM... I would do nothing too special, but make sure your agent has it spelled out in the correct fields in the MLS, That way, any buyer or RE agent that is searching for a detached garage or shop will see your listing. I would also make sure that my visual tour would capture the exterior and interior too.

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Than you all for th input. I need to make sure all key words to the garage show up on a search. For reference sake it is on zillow at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: House and garage

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Pretend like you are a buyer with criteria that fits your home. If it does not come up in the search results, you know you are missing out on prospects.

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Looked at photos ... the detached garage has no insulation or sheetrock. That would not be a positive for many. I would also not buy a house that only had a detached garage as I like to have an attached garage.

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The garage could use some clean up. All that clutter needs to be put away on the shelving. Put your car in the last bay so people can see that it fits and they have all that extra space when you take new photos. Not having insulation,etc. is no big deal, it's a garage not living space. The majority of garages in my region do not.
As a side discussion, you have wayyyyy to many photos on the site. Why do you even have pictures of just the doors to the garage? Not necessary. You need to weed a lot of the pictures out. You may also want to declutter your home and take new photos. And just minor things also...get a hand towel in the bathroom that fits. The one pictured is to long for the towel holder. It rests on top of the counter. Your window treatments in the kitchen make the house look older and dated. Clean off the side hutch and dinning room table,etc.,etc. Good luck with your sale. We have a detached 3 bay garage also. Love it for the storage space. NancyLouise

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I agree with nancylouise. Lose pictures like #3 and #5 - those are just exterior siding and don't help sell the house. Definitely clean out the garage (is that a toilet in there?) and re-take that picture. You don't get to an interior shot until picture #15, and that's a bathroom. Next interior shot is also a bathroom. Remove all the leashes from the hooks by the front door and retake those pictures. I love my dog, but some will see all those leashes and worry about whether there's an animal smell.

Pictures like the one of the garage man-door behind a chain link fence or the interior shot of a long hallway with closed louver doors don't really help to sell the house IMO.

I'd recommend taking new pictures - after removing extra blankets and pillows, removing the pet crates, closing the doors to the desk armoire, etc. - and reordering them so that the nicest exterior shot is first, then the nicest interior shots, then a few of the garage and backyard. Ask your realtor for input on what people look for most, and how many pictures are appropriate.

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Are detatched garages really uncommon in your area? My town is probably 60/40 with attached at 60%, but it is certainly not uncommon to have a detatched garage , while I would consider an attached garage a minor plus, I would never dismiss a house with a detatched garage.

I can't tell whether you think it's a selling point or a detraction that is only attractive to a select few people. Since it isn't one of those "garage masterpieces" I think I'd leave the pictures out and promote it in the remarks - "3 car detatched garage perfect for . . . . "

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Yes they are uncommon in my town (in town - in the country there are more). A brick building with new siding/paint I think is picture worthy. Thanks for the decluttering tips. And all new pictures will be taken before listing! And staging as well. Love the comments.

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Sophie Wheeler

A garage/wokshop is expected to have insulation, drywall, and some form of heating and possibly cooling. It's not just a storage building. It's a work environment, and needs to be able to be used as such without your wrench freezing your hand to death this time of the year.

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Well, I know a lot of people who would be banging down your door for that garage!

My friends/neighbors just did a nice covering for their garage floor - I don't think it was just paint - I thought it was some sort of epoxy paint stuff with little flecks in it. It's really, really nice and they did it with rollers in a weekend after a couple of days of deep cleaning.

I personally wouldn't put money into fixing it up too much. Everyone has a different reason for wanting an XL garage and they could just fix it up for their use - whether it be woodworking, car rehab, cycling, storage for 'toys' (i.e. sports equipment), boat, model trains, model planes, or even real planes.

In my case, it would be nice to have space to build our real plane. We had to rent a storage unit down the street to store the stuff that had been in our garage. We haven't ridden our bikes in a year because they are in storage. So, slightly off topic, but just in case anybody is wondering, here's a link to our plane-building blog...

Never mind, GW won't let me post the blog site - you have to google "some assembly required velocity blog" and it will be the first result.

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@c9pilot - LOL! Thanks for the input. I'll check out the blog. Other than taking everything that is currently in the garage to the curb (unless I can do a garage sale first) I think I'm done w/the updates. New roof, side door, new siding and paint .. Could possibly paint the floor fresh, nothing fancy but we shall see. Can you fit a plane in a 1020 square foot garage? : )

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C-9, Nice looking Velocity. Does it fly with elevons? Do the canards function in both axis, pitch and roll? What is the cruise speed?
Never mind, I will check out the blog. I am a private pilot too, and I know if I start reading I won't stop till I'm done. I have plans to make Sun N Fun. Been to Oshkosh three times.
Aarsic, just clean it up and make like it has room to spare. Same with the home. Good luck with the sale.

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aarsic-sorry for hijacking your thread, but yes, you can build a plane in a two-car garage, right up until you add the wings. We're a few months away from having to move it to an airport hangar (Albert Whitted) to finish the build. It's nice doing what we can right here at home, a couple of hours after work, etc.
I do agree that after you have the garage spiffed up, put a car in the last bay for the pictures. It will give the buyers some scale.

NC-hey, we should meet up at Sun'n'Fun! I missed last year but need to go this year, and the Blues are on the schedule to fly over the weekend. The Velocity is unique in that it's a 4-seater and about 1000nm range at about 175KIAS. My hubbie is working on his private - 1st solo any day now if he gets the weather. I hold an ATP but haven't flown in 10 years!

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