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lindamarieJune 7, 2012

After all the problems with supposed air in the lines, pump overheating, not being able to keep the water clean because of low suction. I have replaced the pump with a Pentair that pumps over 6700 gals a hour.

I dumped the water and started over.

I see the PSI is at 20 and the filter says max is 50.

The pool cleaner does not climb the walls or have the suction I feel it should.

I had a pool company come look at this last year and they were of no help.

We ran a test line straight from the pool and could not find a air leak. I asked my hubby about running a line to blow it out again

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Filter pressure is relative to your system, it depends on pipe sizing, length of runs, pump, filter and heater etc. 20 PSI is generally good, I wouldn't want to see a clean filter anywhere near 50 PSI. Poor suction could be a blockage in the suction line or a leak in the line or at the pump suction side, either fittings, valve or maybe the lid. Does your system blow bubbles out the returns? Is there air visible in the pump basket? Does the pump lose prime?

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pipes are 1 1/2"
Run is about 25' from pool return to filter/pump.
No heater. I am in MS
HP DE filter 4800
Pump is new Flowtec by Pentair
I see a few very small bubbles in the pump basket
Pump does not lose prime

Rechecked the PSI is between 7 and 10 PSI
I know this is not strong enough because i can very easily pull the Pool Cleaner hose out of the return.

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Pentair doesn't make a Flowtec pump. Flowtec makes Flowtec pumps.

HP makes printers, not pool filters.

Replace the pressure gauge. I am not certain I trust it. If a new one shows the same, then there is a suction side restriction, be it a collapsed line, clogged impeller, or GI Joe with the Kung Foo grip.

What do you put your pool cleaner into? What else can the pump draw suction from?

What pool cleaner are you using?


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