SBS mystery quilt

faintheartFebruary 4, 2012

Any one else going to do a Super Bowl Sunday mystery quilt? There a couple of shops that are doing them here but still quite a drive from me and the weather may be iffy. So I hunted online for one. (I am blaming Dan the mailman for this!)

I am actually going to work on two. Call me "she who has lost touch with reality" now. They start from different time zones. One has all the clues posted for pre cuts, so that is done. I've never done one so this could be the beginning of the end of my sanity (good thing DH and the kids don't hang out here to comment) or great fun!


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The few mysteries I have done I wasn't happy with. So now I save then until I see what the finished quilt looks like lol!!!
However, I did like the last one Dan did!
What is the URL for the one you are planning?

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Umm, sigh, No. I never do mystery quilts!

Fabric is expensive, so I won't waste even scraps unless I know how a quilt will turn out.

I have about 8 mystery quilt instruction sets saved, and none have ever inspired me to make an actual quilt.

Aside from that, in order to preserve the "mystery" often the cutting directions are wasteful - meaning if I knew the end result, I could cut and piece more economically.

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Rosa, posted the link below for the April Breezes/March Winds mystery.

Mary, I know I may not like how it turns out. I normally use a subdued color palette and went outside of my comfort zone so I very well could hate it! DD likes the fabric chosen and said she wants it when done. We'll see if I have to remind her! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: April Breezes/March WInds

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Dee, TWO AT THE SAME TIME????? Don't blame me for your insanity!!! LOL, lot's of luck! I may be your enabler, but don't blame me if they become an addiction, okay?
All kidding aside, even if you don't like the end result, there's always someone who would like a great comfy lap quilt and you could always finish it off and make a great gift to someone. So have fun, and have a great day!
And remember to post pics!!!
So, as a fellow addict I have to ask, where's the website link for the 2nd one?
-Dan (the addicted enabler)

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faintheart, I was considering the April Breezes/March Winds Mystery quilt too. But like rosajoe, I haven't always been pleased with the design of mystery quilts and hate to spend all that time, effort, and fabric on something I won't like afterward.

It's too bad they can't give a sneak peak at the finished quilt before it starts.

I was thinking of finding a previous year's mystery quilt that I liked, and doing it.

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I think just watching the game is less stressful. I'll be thinking about you.

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I have done 2 mystery quilts and did not like either of them. When they were done, had I seen the finished product I would have used different fabric colors. Not to mention there was a mistake in the directions and was not reported before that section was already finished and we moved on. Also, one I did that was suppose to be lap size and ended up being the most odd ball lap size I ever saw... and that was the end of my mystery quilt adventure.

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Dee the finished quilt is really cute!!! I like the secondary X's and O's!

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I'm with Rosajoe, that quilt is cool! After checking out the finished product of both the April Breezes/March Winds Mystery quilts, I believe I'm going to have to copy the directions for both and add them to my list of things to do.
So Dee, got pix?

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So here it is. I chose the "March Winds" layout. Took extra time to applique the diamonds but I like it. I am thinking I want to increase it closer to full size bed dimensions. It is 62" x 62" now. What do you think of maybe a piano key border with all the colors and then another wider round of the flowered border print? Then how to quilt? All ideas welcome! Dee

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Dee, I like your ideas about the piano key border and the floral border, but how about inserting a 1-2" border between the florals and the keyboard of the background border in the middle? Not only would that "echo" the middle further out, but it would give your eyes a place to rest between the business of the floral and piano keys borders.
Whatever you do, you've got yourself a great quilt!

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