PekeMarch 29, 2013

bee, I just saw a picture of your rangetop and the drawers underneath. I have a few questions ifmyoumhave time.

Can you tell me how deep the drawers are?
Also did you pull out your rangetop a little? I like your s.s. backsplash behind the rangetop. Does your countertop go behind your rangetop? Or is it just the stainless steel part?
thanks, peke

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Hi Peke,

I didn't see this until now, sorry.

The drawers are 8" deep (the actual box part inside)

Did not pull out the rangetop, there is a 1/2 leg on each side so it might give it that illusion.

No counter behind the range, the cabinet it sits in goes against the wall and the ss bs and shelf is part of the range.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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No problem. Sometimes I can't even find the time to check.

Thank you. That helps a lot. I wondered what to do with the SS splash. Your kitchen is so pretty! Thanks again! Peke

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