which is rt or wrong way

fincheloverFebruary 26, 2011

I am doing my quilt squares and wonder does it really matter how you put the sashing on. Should you place your sashing vertically or can you just put sashing completely around the blocks. I hope I made this understandable. Everyone on here are really helpful. Thank you

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Finch - I think it is entirely up to you/ depends on what you want the finished quilt to look like. Some people put block/sashing/block/sashing etc. across the quilt (or down) then run a long sashing in the opposite direction with long sashing on the outsides of the blocks. I don't think there are any rules on this one. If you put sashing all the way around each block, you need to either have 2 parallel sides longer or put setting cornerstones between to accomodate for the sashing width. (does that make sense???)


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Yes, the question makes sense, and like Sue says, there is not rule for it. However, you wouldn't put it ALL around each block and then assemble the blocks. If you did that, you'd have a double row of sashing between each block. If I am putting sashing on each block individually, I usually put it on bottom and right, that way when they go together the unsashed side of one block butts against the sashed side of the next. I don't put any sashing on the right side of the furthest to the right block, not on the bottom of the blocks on the lowest row. That way none of the exterior blocks have sashing on the outside. When finished, then I swing a row of border around the whole quilt.

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Being the "sashing challenged" quilter that I am, I do it in the manner that calliope described. If I try to use long sashing strips, I get into big trouble and the whole thing starts to look wonky.


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The only time that I put sashing around the whole block is when I need to use coping strips.....to enable me to cope with blocks that are not all the same size. Let's face it, everybody's 1/4 inch is slightly different so when you participate in block exchanges all of the blocks will not be the same size and therefore I need to use coping strips!

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I don't think that there's a right or wrong way. I do like Mary. I only use sashing around the whole block when I need to square up the blocks. I made some 16-patch blocks and some were 'off' so I framed the whole block and trimmed them.


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Mary, 'Coping strips!' I love it!!!!! lol


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I love the term too. It speaks for itself. However, just having attached sashing to two sides still works if it's just off a matter of a quarter inch or so and you don't have that seam down the middle of your sash. I get by with it that way so far.

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"Coping strips"! I've just learned a new term and I love it!

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