To Quilt Oven Mitts or not

stitcheasy2003February 1, 2011


I notice most of the patterns on the web say to quilt the layers tog. I saw one that said just sew them tog.with a zigzag st and another one says optional to quilt layers.

Has anyone made oven mitts WITHOUT quilting them? Without washing the fabric? Did the mitts stayed tog.?

What is best to do TO QUILT OVEN MITTS OR NOT? Reasons to quilt them?

Thank you B.

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I haven't made mitts but I have made pot holders. Quilt them to keep the batting from bunching up. They look better and hold their shape after washing if they are quilted first.

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I simple quilting to keep the batting from shifting. One tip, if the mitts are for a man's hands, make the mitt pattern much larger because when it is quilted it will be smaller than you imagine.

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