Valentine wall hanging

faintheartFebruary 4, 2012

I have a spot on the living room wall that I usually change out with a seasonal/holiday quilt. DD said last weekend, "You don't have a valentine quilt for this spot?!" Soooooo...went downstairs and raided stash. After some is what I came up with (literally)

I know I am going to hear the same thing around St. Pat's Day...arrrrrggggghhhhhh lol


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Sweet little quilt. Dee. How creative of you. Better check your stash for Kelly greens.

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That's adorable. I'd love to make some wall hangings for above the piano.

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Good for you. It's just darling. I may have to make a heart piece myself but doubt if mine will be done by the 14th.

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It's adorable. Replace the hearts with shamrocks and you're all set for St. Paddy's.

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It's cute.
I should make some seasonal wall hangings.
I always say I am going to do them but never do.


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A couple years ago we were encouraging one another to make 4 seasonal wall hangings. I failled miserably and only made one but I think some others did much better. I still like the idea and wish I had more hangings to switch out during the year.

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Good golly you are on the ball, not to mention really good with getting a quick idea. It would have taken me a few days just to think up what to make.

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Very nice - You deserve a big box of your chocolates! I can't wait to see what you do make for St Patrick's Day since you have time to think about it!

I think it is amusing what our husbands say about what we make (or don't make) in addition to putting up with the strings & bits we drag around the house - my soft socks are like swiffers. A heart wall hanging he prompted you to make is probably making him proud of his idea :)

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Dee, Very cute heart blocks and I like how you set them, too. I don't know that I have ever just whipped one up like that.....I'd have to be more organized than I am.

Kate, I have one finished and one UFO on the seasonal things we tried. I have a couple other UFO's I could probably turn into seasonal......thanks for bringing that up! @:)


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One of our new posters, littlehelen, has a wallhanging pattern that uses large-ish blocks that she's done in a variety of color ways as gifts. It's a cool pattern and would be easy to adapt to any seasonal theme. The layout of Dee's quilt reminds me of that pattern. I'll have to see if I can find a picture to share.


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You have an extremely gifted talent of creating & arranging diverse sized blocks and appliqued hearts into an eye-catching design!

What a wonderful idea to have a spot for hanging seasonal, or even monthly wall quilts. I thought to do that with table runners too.

I will add that idea to my TO DO list.
You gals are quite the enablers here!


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i love it i would like to make one for all hoildays ... christmas could be snowmen or christmas trees.. valentines could be yours, st paddys could be pot of gold or shamrocks, easter could be bunnies & carrots or chicks with eggs,,may could be flowers& flower pots,not sure for june,july could beflags and fireworks, august a summer theme,sep. fall leaves, oct halloween theme, thanksgiving turkeys, pligrims, indians these are some of my ideas anyone else have any ideas

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Great job on the wallhanging. Two years ago I decided I would make seasonal wallhangings for my living room to show off my love for quilts. Well I made 2... Halloween and Christmas. My two favorite holidays I guess. But now I want to make them for the rest of the year. I'll have to put that on my to do list.
Dee I like your pattern so much I may try to make it.

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Thanks everyone! I haven't done anything for St. Pat's yet so the hearts are still up. Don't have a lot of green in my stash and too many things on my "to do" list.

nanaofmany08, great ideas for the other months. June could be themed around birdhouses, birds, etc.

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