Porcelain tile pool deck suggestions??

Nick_RJune 23, 2011

Hello everyone,

My wife and I recently had a gunite saltwater pool put in and we plan on putting porcelain tile down for the decking around the pool. I was and still am very skeptical about the heat and slippery nature of the tile but my wife and our designer was dead set on using this tile instead of cool-crete or travertine etc..The tile is very nice and does have a somewhat textured finish but it will still need some kind of anti slip put on it after installed. My questions are do any of you have porcelain tile decking and if so, what is a good anti slip product to put down on it. My wife ran across a product called Johnny grip that looks to be ok but im not 100% sold yet. We will have around 1100 sqft of this tile so I want to make sure I get something that will work and last! Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has some pics of a porcelain tiled pool deck I would love to see them..



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Also you should get one of the tiles and put it out in the sun to see if it gets too hot. I know my Artistic Pavers are much cooler than my neighbors' standard concrete pavers.
Then splash some water on it and see how slippery it feels with your full weight on it.
I don't know anybody with a porcelain tile deck.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! Seems pretty rare to have a porcelain deck so im kinda worried.:( All of the flooring people I talk to seem to think it should hold up fine and any anti-slip should work so we'll see.... I did the heat check and it does get pretty hot, but it is bearable.

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I have been a tile contractor for over 20 years. I would not trust any "anti slip" coating added on porcelain. Porcelain has less than 6% absorption (considered a vitreous tile). It doesn't let anything stick to it. We used to spec it for buildings because it was "graffiti proof". If you are planning on a large format tile (18" or larger) than you would want to slip test it. The manufacturer will have the slip coefficient rating for the tile you are considering. You can usually look it up on the web these days. If you have trouble finding the information, post it here and I will help.


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