47" from counter to counter. Is that enough space?

five4meMarch 3, 2013

So I am going down a path where I think I have 51" from counter to counter only to realize that my interior person stole 6" to make room for the stairs. Is that enough? 2 peeps and 2 large dogs? I have not signed off on anything and can rearrange the kitchen and stairs but I am desperate for input.

The kitchen is small. 144" on each side and there is way to much stuff I admit but I can not give up. 24" full fridge and full freezer. 24" combi and 24" oven. Dw, sink etc..

I am attaching the floor plan for review and comment. I did change the sink base to a 30 and the end base to a 30 as well.

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I can't read your layout (too small) but will comment on your question. Our kitchen has 42" counter edge to counter edge and and it is great. Would not want it any bigger. Two of us can be working back to back easily.

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Thanks debrak. Do you by chance have drawers across from an oven or dw? If they are both open do they touch?

I will try to upload a better pic. Here are some elevations, not sure it is helpful.

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I'm a bit sleepy, but mind the height of your dishwasher. We were burned with 12 yr old granite counters that were too low to accomodate new dishwashers. We ended up with a Miele (which I love), but it was the only DW that fit And, even then the specs said it would not fit. We took a leap of a faith and a lot of advice. Now the bad news is the tile in front of the DW must be removed if the DW need pulled out for repaid, but the old Bosch had the same problem.
Good luck.

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Our "aisle" has the island end with a 36" 3 drawer base across from the sink, dw, another drawer base. When one person is at the sink another can be at the island working and even opening drawers easily. No one has to scooch in or adjust body movements. If the dw door is open I can open both the top and middle drawers fully, the bottom drawer can open but not fully. The bottom drawer is not an issue though. The over lap is about an inch. I can still put things in and out with no issue. Typically I open the dw, unload onto the island, then put away from there. The drawer has never hit the dw door.

If you have 47" you should be fine in my opinion. The extra 5 inches should take care of any possible overlap.

Keep in mind that I can't read all of your post, as the right side is covered in ads for me. I did not understand ripleys post to you but I may be missing something.

If it would help and can take some photos and post them. Let me know.

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Sounds like about what my parents have. Its a very busy kitchen and it is plenty of isle space! That works for a food teacher and her 4 grandkids (yes on all their own stools at different counters in the kitchen at the same time).

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Ours is 44". There is room for trash and oven door to be open-they face each other. The drawers opposite DW don't open all the way; they probably need another 1" to do so, so 47" should be plenty.

We are in the final stages, so kitchen is not in use yet, but it seems plenty roomy.

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I think that sounds perfect. We are a family of six and we also have a dog and our counter to counter space is 48". All four of my daughters, my husband, and my big old fur baby can be in the kitchen at the same time without issue.

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Not that you asked, but..,.

My friend has a range wall exactly like yours. The entire area (backsplash) behind the range is stainless steel, with stainless steel shelving. Don't know if you were considering that, but it looks amazing in her kitchen. Her ovens and fridge are in the exact same spaces as yours as well.

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I think it will work fine. Our galley is 25ft by 10ft and I have 30in deep base cabinets with 5 ft between the 2 sides of galley. 4ft would have been a tad tight but not too bad. Make sure your cabinbet guys don't plan any unnecessary jogs in the cabinet face as that will eat into the aisle space. Also consider what overhang you want for the counters after the cabinet. I have a very small overhang.

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