plumber putty vs silicone on silgranit sink???

danielle84March 23, 2010


My granite is coming in this Friday. We are having a silgranit double 1 and 1/3 anthracite flush undermount put in. I read a while back that silicone is to be used and NOT plumber putty.

Please can someone explain to me where the silicone will go. Is it to glue the sink or to seal it? I am worried the granite guy will not know about this. Is this common knowledge? Should I be papared and have some silicone ready if the granit guy does not know about not using plumber putty? And what kind of silicone?

Thank you so much for all of your expertise. My DH is impress with all the knowledge I have on different issues and it's all because of this wonderful web.

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We just had our granite installed and our fabricator used silicone. I would think your installer should know to use silicone. Silicone is the strongeest sealant used for granite. From what I saw during installation the sink was placed on top of the cabinet base and a bracket was installed to the granite to hold in place. Silicone was then placed around the rim of the sink for proper sealing. Silicone was also placed under and around the cabinets to seal tight.

Hope this helps.

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Plumbers use plumber's putty to seat the piece of the drain that is inside of the sink. So, unless your granite guy is hooking up the plumbing, you don't have anything to worry about.

You do need to make sure that your plumber doesn't use the old standard plumber's putty though. There is a stainless version of plumber's putty but I think the sink manufacturer's recommend silicone for the silgranit sinks.

Diagram at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Drain

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Blanco recommends using silicone for Silgranit installation. This would be used for both sealing to the countertop as well as the installing drain flanges. There IS a plumber's putty made by Oakey that is meant to be used for granite, but when questioned about it Blanco told us to use silicone. HTH.

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No one in his right mind would use plumber's putty to attach an undermount sink to a countertop.

As to the drain (and the faucet for that matter), I would go with what the manufacturer says.

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Plumber's putty is a petroleum-based product and as we all know, oils and granite do not mix. Plumber's putty will leave an oil stain on granite and silgranite. That's why you must use silicone for the granite installation. Make sure your plumbers knows this too so he does not ruin your brand new sink when he hooks up the drain!

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BTW: if that sink is heavy, I would suggest some sort of bracing underneath to make sure it stays in place. Silicone by itself won't be strong enough over time. YOu don't want a sink-ful of water and your Thanksgiving turkey to come crashing through the bottom of the cabinet.

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