Want to hide my fireplace - any ideas???

aktillery9April 16, 2009

I have a flat fireplace... no raised hearth.. no real mantel to speak of and some cheap tile. The whole room is windows and doors. I am so limited for furniture placement and live in South Texas.... no one need a wood burning fireplace here except maybe once a year. I do not want to get rid of it due to resale value. I just want to put my couch up against it and hide the dark hole you can see above my couch. I figure I can rip off the tile and just need ideas of what to do to make it not look like I am trying to hide a fireplace.

Thanks so much for your help!


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I think I would cover it with a piece of drywall board, edges taped and painted to match the room.

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Can you post a photo so we know what you're dealing with?

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Thanks you guys.

Here is a photo. I am remodeling so the carpet will be replaced with wood and the tv would go on the left.... the only other wall. I just moved my stuff in so it is not in place etc. However, this is a rough guess of where I would want it.

You cannot see either... but there will be an island that will be 8X4 to the left but more forward. So I have to deal with that too.

Hope all of that made some sense! I am thinking of just taking out the tile and mantel and then maybe moving the mantel down so that it makes a shelf to cover the expose black metal from the fireplace itself and add some decorative things on it. Or make a thicker one and that might just cut it.


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oooh, the room is so pretty, i wouldn't do it if it were me...i have furniture in front of windows, sometimes that's the only option, despite whatever well-meaning decorators say. I would try to work with it, if you every intend to sell, you'll have to deal with it again if you rip the tile out now.

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This is a real challenge. Can you give us a dimensional floor plan? You can put furniture in front of windows. But maybe the problem is with the TV placement -- you say "to the left". Could you put the TV over the fireplace? I know there are neck-strain issues, but maybe you can lower the mantel and thus the TV. Or you could have a TV stand unit built with a solid back that covers the fireplace hole and tile. If the mantel can't be easily removed, maybe it could be incorporated into the design.

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I would do the opposite - revamp the fireplace - maybe even glass tile surround and a contemporary mantle. Float the sofa facing the newly done fireplace. Put a great looking candelabra in the fireplace since you won't be using it to burn wood. I would do the fireplace up right!!!! Or get rid of it properly.

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Lord have mercy and Heavens to mergatroid, just put the sofa where you want it. My mother had sofas in front of fireplaces for years. She was the diva of decorating in our area and if she did it, everybody had a sofa in front of their fireplace. Right now I have two Queen Ann Chairs sitting on the xerihearth.

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It really would help to see a floor plan of the space. If you are really intent on covering/removing the fireplace I have a couple of ideas. One is to remove the mantel and cover the fireplace with a TV/bookshelf combo. If you must keep the sofa where it is could you put a sofa table behind the sofa that would cover the opening? It's hard to tell in the picture where the tile is. I'm assuming it is between the mantel and the black firebox. Is this right? You could also put a decorative screen behind the sofa that would hide the fireplace. I was in a very swanky home recently that had a huge painted oriental screen behind the sofa.

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Yes -- some excellent ideas ..... basically take down the mantel -- and cover the opening with painted plywood.

Yes -- a decorative screen would work very well! OR a bookshelf -- and the sofa simply shifts forward a few inches ....Or perhaps a long tapestry?

You could take down all of the tile -- BUT -- as wisely stated above -- you MIGHT have to re-think that move and replace it for any chance of re-sale .....

Make sure that there is a good solid "cage" on top of the chimmney to keep out pests and remember to add ant traps etc. behind the plywood over the opening!


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Wow! Thanks for all of the ideas. I am still working on my kitchen and there are no cabs yet which will help me decide on placement. I maybe even move the couch to the other wall *that you cannot see and cover the fireplace with a buffet type thing and my flat screen.

Oh and trust me... those tiles cost .99 a piece if that! I would never keep them regardless and had actually thought of replacing them with glass tiles mixed with marble.

I will have to see the kitchen in place and the wood floors etc and then will decide.

Thanks again!

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Instead of hiding the fireplace, why not make it a focal point with a decorative screen and pretty things on the mantle?

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i know you want to remove the fireplace but i agree i wouldnt do it..i would just rotate everything one wall..putting the sofa on the far wall and the love seat at the angle to it..just like you have it only one turn counterclockwise..

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I agree I think you should work with the fireplace by having tile go up the wall or something- I have my sofa in front of my picture windows in my living room and let the curtains on either side frame it out.

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Thank you all for your responses!!!


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