Kill me now! Bonnie Hunter workshop!

magothyrivergirlFebruary 3, 2012

I am taking a Bonnie Hunter workshop on Monday. The project is Virginia Bound from her book "Scraps and Shirttails".

I have been saving my scraps and cutting them up for the last 2 days. I am not buying and cutting up old shirts - of course I have a few piles to give away & I even pulled clothes to cut up out of the piles. Using shirts would be easier. No! I am going to use my meager scraps (and Teresa's scraps she sent me). I don't want more scraps & old clothes~LOL. I want to use up my scraps!

I am really excited & looking forward to this workshop~I want to learn to embrace scrappy. And of course, I want to meet Bonnie, and see her quilts, and learn from her.

I've cheated and just made a block, because I don't think I have enough neutrals, and bigger pieces cut. OMG ~ I like the block!! It is will-nilly scrappy! I plan to pull at random and if it fits, it gets sewn on. I may need a tranquillizer ~LOL~ wish me success!

Here is a link that might be useful: Quiltville - Bonnie Hunter

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You sound so enthused about getting to go to that workshop on Monday, how are you going to make it thru the weekend? Lol, have fun!!!

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Oh, Marsha, I'm jealous! LOL I went to a Bonnie lecture at a quilt show a couple of years ago, and she was just delightful. I would imagine a workshop with her is so much fun you can hardly stand it!

I hate to say that I just finished Bonnie's 2010 mystery quilt (Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll) and used nothing but fabric from my stash. It's about 98 X 106 and I can hardly tell I used any of my fabric! LOL


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Marsha, Are you thrilled at all? LOL I knew that was coming up for you but couldn't remember when. From everything I've read, I think you'll really enjoy it. Bring back some fun and tell us about it.


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Jealous!!! Wish I could join you!
I went to one of her talks a couple years ago in Jacksonville and saw many of her quilts. She's charming and fun. You will have a blast!

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Oh Boy.........this is one lady I'd like to listen to. Lucky you. Now, I'm trying to wrap my mind around this. I know a couple of the gals just can't let go and scrap..........were you one of them?

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calliope~I am a very conservative scrappy person. When I have to make a truly scrappy block, I coordinate the scrappy look.
My entire adult professional life has been coordinating colors, finishes and just to wing it, and see what comes out is very difficult for me. I am really going to try very hard to grab and sew & have fun--I have fun whenever I am sewing, even when things don't go as planned.

My sewing area is a huge mess, and my scraps now have scraps! And my dog is in heaven, running thru out the house with strips of fabric hanging out of her mouth. Hilarious!

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I love your enthusiasm!!

Once you're back and settled, let us know how it went.


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I am green with envy. I know you will have a wonderful time and the quilt will be beautiful.


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that sounds like so much fun. I just love her work. Show us what you made when it's over. Wish I were there, too.

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I'm happy and excited for you, Marsha!
I can't wait to hear about your "scrappy" experience!

If Bonnie talks about using plaid shirts, I'd be interested in hearing how she stabilizes the fabric...spray starch, perhaps?


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How exciting for you to be taught by Bonnie! I, too am a big fan since seeing her in Jax. I never trusted color choices in a mystery quilt effort until Bonnie's mystery quilts...nothing like sewing in a virtual environment with more than 2000 quilters around the world and having fun doing it!
Marsha, you will have a great time! What a boost for your quilting!

Gwen - who is pulling together blue scraps for Bonnie's quilt: My Blue Heaven!

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I am also green with envy. Please be sure to tell us all about it afterwards.

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Hmmmm.....I'm thinking someone might be doing a mini workshop at Camp Cheerio in Oct. @:)


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My Blue Heaven is one of my Bonnie favs; I keep telling myself I'm saving (and buying) all these blues either for that one or her Blue Ridge Beauty. One day I'll decide I have enough fabric and then I'll have to decide which one to make!

Marsha, we'll expect to see Virginia Bound at the quilt retreat!!!


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Oh Marsha, you are going to have so much fun! (totally jealous here):/ Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventure!


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Hope you have lots of fun at your workshop. Please post some pics and show us what you make later in the week.

Best to you,

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Oh, its going to be a great class. Have fun!


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Marsha, was it your class that had the fire trucks show up? Just read about it on Bonnie's blog.


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Rebecca ~ Yes! The excitement (NOT) was at the evening Guild meeting location where she was the Guest Speaker ~ what a traffic nightmare in an already congested area, at the end of rush hour on a dark, hard to turn into entrance-- only because Bonnie was speaking, did I risk life and limb like 300 other drivers - no matter how many of the biggest Firetrucks I have ever seen tried to run me over! Driving there, the Firetrucks were screaming thru the major intersections --seriously making me cringe -- I counted 8 trucks, going in my direction. At first, I thought I was going to be late & not get a good seat ~LOL~ as I continued driving, I just had a feeling they were going to the Guild meeting. I arrived at about the same time as the truck blocked the entrance!
I need to go read Bonnie's Blog and find out the details!

It was a long day - I'll report back later.

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OK, tell us EVERYTHING! How was the class and how cute were the firefighters? ;~))


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Bonnie Hunter - she is a delightful, friendly, funny person.
Her lecture & trunk show in the evening was fantastic. Her talk is very energetic, and humorous, as well as informative.
If anyone ever has the opportunity to hear her speak - Do it!

(From this group here) I am very familiar with Quiltville and her techniques, so most was not new to me. What I did learn is she is not a paper-bag-grab-it-sew-it scrappy kind of person, and she admits this. I was ready to abandon all control -- and fortunately I did not have to ~LOL~
She selects each piece of fabric that gets sewn by color, or design. Her scrappy is planned. Her reds may include all shades of red from light to deep purple. Her method of dealing with leftover fabric and pre cutting them and organizing them ahead of time requires great discipline, but it uses up pieces of scraps that would probably go in the trash.
The string blocks I made were from my scraps and from Teresa's stash. Many people cut up shirts, others had coordinated collections, or Christmas reds and Christmas greens, the lady next to me combined beautiful purples and greens. I only saw one other truly scrappy and I did not like hers at all. I used only white, wow, beige,light tans as the side strings (Neutrals), which resulted in a secondary diamond design. I do not have a big variety of neutrals, so I may have to buy some. I made a few more blocks this week. What I do not like about this - is it is very messy, uses alot of thread and there is thread bits everywhere! It is also not quick. I will probably continue to make these blocks. Each piece of fabric is from either a quilt, or block I have made, or from Teresa.
Bonnie loved that I was using a calico from the 70's - Teresa's!
Here are some pictures so far - the blocks are not in particular order or sewn together:

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Wow! I like the scrappy parts but love the effect of the neutrals! Great depth.

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Looking good, Marsha! How do you like making strings? There were a squillion of them in her Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt and I did not like making them at all! But I made them all and used them in the quilt. Now I just need to get it quilted...


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