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tuxedord2March 12, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Redoing the kitchen to sell. Having trouble deciding what to do above the cabinets. Have read all the interesting threads about how to build up the cabinets et cetera but since we are moving I'm not doing that. So my thoughts turn to color.

Cabs are BM Simply White. Trim is also. Right now walls are all primed. My thought was to paint above the cabinets the same Simply White color because its' so shadowy up there. But that would mean extending the same color into the breakfast area as this wall of cabs shares a wall.

Hubbie thinks that's way too much white and wants contrast.
Counters are Bianco Romano (I think- slabs are tagged) and backsplash is standard white.

Would you paint above the cabinets and breakfast area a darker shade or stick with white all around? I don't want sterile but I really hate dark too. And this is to sell within a year.

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Does this mean the breakfast room has only primer also? Or does it currently have a color?

Since there are color variations of the same stone, can you post a pic including your countertops, b/s and floor?

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White & put up artwork in the breakfast room. Not sure what you like--but even a colorful piece of fabric attached to nails, if you're into color. Let your real estate agent decide if it should stay for the open houses, eventually...

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Thanks for the replies. The Bianco Romano is not in yet. It looks gray from afar but has specks of cream, brown and black. The most prominent part will not show any garnets- since I'm not real fond of those in my kitchens anyway. The hardware was from a few years ago so it will probably stay but I might change to brushed just for fun... The backsplash is not in yet either. It will probably be white/cream subway. I am not a high contrast, color person.

The walls are primed everywhere because I couldn't stand the green that was on them before.

Good idea meganmca - if we go with white then the realtor could stage as she wishes. I just worry about it screaming white and of course DH is annoying me about "too much white..." ;-)

Here is another picture- the first one was to the left. The second one is to the right. Excuse the existing counters and the mess.... Oh and the three little cabs up top are going to be glass with surprise white stoneware.

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Oh and that hole in the cabinets will have drawers. That used to be a bumped down desk place and I built it up so the counter will be level and I could add two long drawers.

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I think I'm confused. Are you going to leave the primer & let the realtor decide if you should paint a color or are you painting over the primer with white paint?

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I would paint baby light blue.
That would look very good with the wood floor, the color.
You also have molding above the cainets, which you WANT to show
Paint the same color in the adjoining dining room at least one wall.
It will look really good.
It doesn't matter what you like or dislike if you are selling the home
You want the kitchen to look big, bright, clean, and cared for.
If you leave it all white, it will be a turn off.
No character.

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Romy, I'm confused too so no worries there! I want to paint over the primer on all the walls. Was considering a white or a shade of white for the walls because it's so shadowy above the cabinets. The trim and cabinets are actually the same color once I knocked the sheen down (had a high gloss problem earlier). It doesn't look like it in the photo but they are both Simply White -- which actually looks creamy in the this kitchen with little light. Was asking about the wall in between top of cab and trim-- same wall which extends to breakfast area.

Butterfly for you. Yes, that is what I was worried about - no character. Soft blue would look nice. Had considered painting the backside of the glass cabinets (which are not up yet) a soft blue! I've always liked the shade of katiob's original kitchen. Wickham gray which looks a bit blue. So you say contrast but a light contrast.

Thanks for talking this through with me!

I can't wait to move ;-)

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If I were buying it, I would want those cabinets to stay white, and probably the
walls as well. Although the baby blue idea for the walls sounds attractive, as
a buyer I would want to make that decision myself, and the white walls would
be easy to overpaint with a pastel color later.

You have no idea what a buyer's color scheme is, and white or bone or
other neutral colors are usually recommended when selling a house for that

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Eibren, the cabinets and trim are definitely staying white. They are freshly painted by a reputable company and they did a great job. I won't paint the back of the glass cabinets-- it was just a thought that quickly vanished when I reminded myself that it's not "my kitchen."

My realtor says the same, "stay neutral." I just wasn't sure if it should be Simply White again on the walls (in a matte finish vs. the satin on cabs) and just keep everything WHITE, or try to contrast and go with some other neutral on the walls-- whether that be gray, or beige or even this soft blue could be light enough that it reads neutral, maybe or maybe not?

Am thankful for everyone's replies! Helps me think!

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If it were me I would paint a pale cool gray, a grayish blue really, on the walls to highlight the Bianco Romano countertop and provide just enough contrast that your crown moulding doesn't disappear into the walls/ceiling.

It would be enough to draw a buyers attention to the beautiful details in the room without making them think gahh, what an ugly color!

To me, all white would make it seem bland and on first glance, I would not notice all the details. I would think boring and sterile. Provide just a touch of color and I would think timeless and classic. That's just my opinion.

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Can you wait to paint until the after Bianco Romano is installed? I'd also paint a soft neutral color. White on white is a great look if you have all the right textures & accessories to make it look intentional.

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Wait until the granite is in to pick paint color, if possible. I think the very pale grey-ish blue color would work well. If it works with your granite, even though it's a little bit of a color, it can read as a neutral.

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I'd be very, very careful about blue or blue undertones. The Bianco Romano has a lot of beige that may not play well with blue. Wait for the countertops to be installed to make this decision if you possibly can, or visit a stoneyard with lots of paint chips.

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Oh yes I will absolutely wait to paint until after the granite is in. Good to have these ideas when I visit the yard again on Friday. Thank you everyone!!

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Waiting for the countertop is the best idea but I would still recommend a gray tone on the walls. When it is listed and you have open houses, I would recommend putting some lighting up there. Run a string if battery operated lights up there to brighten it up and further enhance and draw the buyers eye upwards so they see the moulding and the size if the room.

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Did you get your counter?

If I were buying this kitchen and came in to all this gorgeous white cabinetry, were the walls white, I'd immediately start imaging myself in the kitchen and what color I'd add to the walls.

That's what you want a buyer to do. Make it their own, both figuratively and literally!

I vote a shade of white. Something very neutral.
I'm allergic to pale blue.

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Thanks CEFreeman! Have not ordered the counters. I'm second guessing them too! I have two kitchens in my head. One that I want. And one that I need to sell. It's hard marrying the two!

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Without seeing the counters, it's hard to pick the right color, but if you wanted a barely there neutral, I could see something like SW Sea Salt -- a very pale green/blue. I used it in a room with a lot of white cabinetry and when we sold, we had a lot of people ask our agent about the color.

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you don't need to marry the two.
You're selling one, so it doesn't matter what the heck you like.
Just pick.
Keep in mind they're probably going to redo anything you do, anyway. It's the nature of the beast.

Good chance they'll end up here, too.
Isn't that something!

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Pipdog- beautiful!!!! I do love that color. CEFreeman - you are so right. That will be something since I'll be on here too re-doing my new kitchen. I'll get to see all the posts about those awful previous owners - what were they thinking... Hahaha. Okay, okay, I'll pick something.

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