Any Ideas or Tips On This?

dan_the_mailmanFebruary 2, 2012

I'd like to make a quilt featuring that black-and-white-and-brown spiral, but can't quite figure out how to make it. Any ideas? Or has anyone ever made a quilt with this in it?

After looking at it for awhile, I'm thinking it may be possible to do as part of a lonestar, but I'm not sure. What can you all come up with?


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Paper piecing! You'd have to draw it in wedges and then piece them together.

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HAH! Not me in a million years! But to me it looks similar to the Mariner's Compasses, which I love but doubt that I would ever tackle. Along with the Lone Star, and the Double Wedding Ring. Love all of them, but make them?? NOT!

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Yes.........paper piecing. It would really make it easy and accurate.

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I often see these spiral quilts in shows. I'm sure paper piece patterns are available. Have you tried

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definitely paper piecing....drafting at it's finest!

The 'wedge' would be the shape of the brown/black section, for example.

I would start with a large plain piece of paper and using a compass draw a circle the size of the red ring that looks like hearts. What goes inside this circle would be one project. Then, I would equally divide to figure the # of outer points (20 on the picture) Make those marks, then draw straight lines from the circle to those points, and build from there.

Once you've drafted the design, then you can cut it apart and have your paper piecing foundations.

Clear as mud?? It's rather advanced drafting, but I'm sure you'd be able to find something online or youtube to give you pointers.

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hmmmm... looks like I'm about to learn about paper piecing. That's okay though, learning new techniques is something I love about quilting!


And now, I'm off to find some tutorials...

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I found a great tutorial on, which I'll start with. then I'm going to move onto the "darting minnows" block for more practice before beginning that spiral.


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If you have access to Judy Mathieson's book "Mariner's Compass Quilts" You will find instructions on how it is done. It is called the Costa Rican carwheel. Good luck

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It is very similar to a Giant Dahia - just pointier!

Here is a link that might be useful: spiral giant dahlia

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What show was this quilt from? It looks like the quilt has a ribbon on it. Was there more information?
It is very beautiful and unique. The skilled quilter who made this did a beautiful job. Perhaps more information will include the pattern, or designer.

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