Need help choosing chandelier/Home Depot lighting

jockewingApril 21, 2009

I need to replace the ceiling fan in my living room with a chandelier. The ceiling fan does not put out enough light, and I need to move it into my bedroom since the fan in there just died and I must have it to sleep at night. I have 4 100 watt standard bulbs in the fan, which point downward.

I have found several Kichler lights that I really like with 5 or 6 lights, but I would have to order them and they are in the 350 and up range, which is really too high.

Yesterday passed through Home Depot, and noticed a 5 light chandelier that I really liked-it had the straight sided glass, brushed nickel finish and a very clean, modern style. It is made by Commercial Electric, which appears to be a HD house brand, and the best part is it's only $109!!! I realize this light may not be as good quality as the more expensive ones, but as long as it lights and looks good on the ceiling, I could care less what it's made of. I mean a light has no moving parts, it's basically wire and light sockets, what could really go wrong?

My questions are --- the chandy lights point up toward the ceiling - I have been told this lights the room much better as the light illuminates and bounces off the ceiling as opposed to downward facing lights. My other concern is the box says to use 60 watt bulbs. Is wattage the real indicator of how bright a light is? Could I get away with 100 watt bulbs anyway? Will the uplight effect compensate for the reduced wattage?

I wish I could post a pic, but these fixtures appear brand new as the store just installed the display and the lights aren't on the HD site yet. Please advise lighting experts. At that price, I could get 2 and have matching lights in the kitchen area as well. I'm just hoping the light isn't total junk--although the $30 chandy the builder put in the kitchen 8 years ago is still going strong!

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I don't think 100.00 for a chandler is too cheap considering you can get Westinghouse chandlers at places like HOBO online for 30.00.

As far as the lights pointing up I know it's nice because then the light doesn't shine in your eyes like the ones that faces down can. My mom got one that shines down and she hates it for that reason but paid too much to change it so she keeps it dimmed most of the time.

I have put bulbs of higher wattage in lights before, but did it unknowingly and changed them when I noticed the sticker-I don't think it's safe to use a higher wattage then whats recommended by the manufacture.

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Do not exceed the maximum wattage - that's a heat rating for safety reasons and a higher wattage bulb puts out more heat than the fixture is intended to withstand.

I prefer up facing lights for the exact reasons roobear said. As for whether or not to buy from HD - if you find what you like there, go for it! There is nothing wrong with the quality of HD fixtures - they are not cutting edge design or heirloom quality but so what? If it's what works for you that's all that matters.

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I have been quite happy with my HD purchases in fans and lighting; but you did make one statement that concerns me in regard to your satisfaction; you said the ceiling fan does not put out enough light - but you also said that fan had 4 100 watt bulbs. That is a pretty high wattage - higher than any of the fans I looked at. You do have to use only the allowed maximum wattage, so if you are depending on the room light from your ceiling fan, the HD choice will give you 100 less watts of light, and the light will be diffused, not direct, since the fixture points up - so it may be perceived as darker even if you had exactly the same wattage. Just something to think about....


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I am really wondering how different it will look with the lights pointed up? I just really looked at the room, and it really IS plenty bright in the room itself--I can see everything fine and read--what bothers me are the shadows in the corners of the upper walls and the ceiling--I'm thinking even with less watts the upward turned lights could really help with this--maybe just wishful thinking?

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Pointing up is nice as you won't see the bulb. Which means that you can use the curly q daylight bulbs - unbelievable light.

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I have tried the curlicue - flourescent type bulbs and found them to give off a horrible quality of light. The amount of light was pathetic and the light looked almost green and sickly. Is there something special about the daylight bulbs? Do they put out more light? Where can I get them?

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The upward facing bulbs should help with the dark corners and shadows; I've really noticed a difference as I replace old downlight ceiling fans with new fixtures. 5 60-watt bulbs should be adequate for a typical living room. Do you have enough ceiling height for it to hang at a good length? I love nice chandeliers, but with only 8' ceilings, I have to be careful what style I choose and where I place them, as they can be kind of low at times.

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The curley-cue energy efficient light bulbs do NOT give off as much light as their older GE and other name brand counterparts.

I replaced a 60 watt bulb outside of my shower area with one of the energy efficient bulbs in the same wattage and it was like day and night! I could't even see to shave my legs!

BTW, I just bought two (new) light fixtures off of eBay within the last month at a fraction of what they cost at Home Depot! Hubby was amazed....

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