OT E-mail compromised

tuppermomFebruary 27, 2013

I want to say sorry to any of you that received e-mails from me
with the subeject "Mary Van Dijk"

My e-mail was hacked and messages were sent to everyone in my address book. The message is simply a link...DO NOT OPEN IT....

I have scanned my computer and have no viruses and changed my passwords so hopefully this will not happen again.


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It would be so nice if these jerks put all this effort into honest work instead of hacking people's e-mails. I haven't gotten one, but thanks for the heads up.


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I checked my history of locations where my e-mail had been signed in. Someone signed in from California....I have never been there. I have deleted it as an approved location and will be checking my history and settings more often.

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Curious, how do you check that. I'm in California, but obviously not using your email!

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How disturbing! I've been lucky, considering how many sites I visit and how many email connections I have, but I know so many people who have had this problem including my DH. Thanks for letting us know so we can watch for it!


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I know people with e-mail other than Yahoo who have had problems but this bout seems to be mostly Yahoo. I know that the Yahoo groups I am a member of have been having issues with all of the spam for a few weeks.

LindaB: I have yahoo e-mail so I go to Mail->account information->account settings->view/update saved locations.
I then removed the ones that were not approved by me.


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Just happened to me, and the only other group I follow is facebook. I hate web based email and that's what the new computers force you into. Thankfully I know the routine and nipped it in the bud, but lots of users aren't as geeky and it's a giant pain in the butt.

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