Single needle plate???

loisflanFebruary 22, 2012

Marsha, I don't believe I have a single needle plate and I'm not sure I understand why that would make a difference. Can you (or anyone else) explain it to me, please? Thanks. Lois

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Copied from another quilt site

A single hole plate is just that, a small circular hole just a bit bigger than the needle to go thru. The other plate is a zig zag plate where the opening is oblong to allow the needle to go down in various places as it makes the zig zag (or decorative) stitch. With the larger hole plate, your fabric can actually be forced into the hole, people say that it's 'eating' the fabric. This may jam your sewing. The single hole provides more support for the fabric giving you a better stitch quality. If your machine only does straight stitches, you probably have a single hole plate. One caution. If you do change to a single hole, put a sticky note or other identifier on your machine so you don't change to a non-straight stitch. Best case, the needle will break or bend, worst case, you will throw your machine out of time requiring an expensive repair. You would have to contact your manufacturer to see if a single hole plate is available.

Have had lots of fabric "eaten" by using the larger hole plate. Messy!!!


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"Have had lots of fabric "eaten" by using the larger hole plate."

Me, too! It makes me SO mad! A single-hole plate is definitely on my list of must-haves when I start shopping for a new machine.


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Theresa - that is a great explanation. If you sew on thin fabrics, like chiffon for instance, a single needle hole plate is a must! Since the fabric doesn't get 'pushed' down into the slot, it helps achieve consistent, perfect tension. Top stitching will also be better using a SNP.
With newer machines doing fancier stitching, many slots are very wide - mine will do a 9mm wide decorative stitch, so the slot is wide. I did not like the way the stitch looked on the bobbin side. I put on a SNP and the stitch instantly improved. I bought it from the dealer. It snaps on and off easily.
Another tip is to change your needle often. A dull needle will also push the fabric down. I like the Schmetz Micro needles for my machine.

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Donna - it is an option - not expensive - maybe $20.00-$25.00.
You will be so happy!

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Thank you. Now I get it. My machine rarely "eats" the fabric, but I see how the stitches would be more consistent with the smaller hole. I'll have to stop at my dealer and pick one up. And some BIG RED DOTS.

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My Pfaff expression came with the 9mm wide stitch plate and it was frustrating for me especially when starting to sew. Even though I held onto the thread, it tangled. I was constantly having to take the fabric out of the machine and re-thread it. I bought my single needle plate for $29.95 plus tax of course. Since the parts come from Tennessee, I'm sure they would be much more reasonably priced in the U.S.

The 9mm plate is nice when you need it, but I really think Pfaff is being penny wise and pound foolish not to include it in their package with the purchase of a new sewing machine. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who has experienced much frustration using a plate with such a wide hole - not to mention that more thread, dust etc. seems to accumulate in the bobbin area requiring more frequent cleaning. The single needle plate has made a huge difference with my particular sewing machine.


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Marsha, I have a Brother machine and I have asked about the SNP before and was told they don't have them. Maybe it's time to ask again!


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Donna~ I know some Brother machines have the SNP; I'm sure you are right if you have looked. Too bad.....It would be so helpful with the minis you sew.

Corinne~you routinely use the IDT-like all the time-right? :)

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By using a 'leader' and 'ender' you will very rarely have your fabric eaten.


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My Baby lock came with a SNP. I haven't used it much as I switch so often, but I do see an advantage.

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Anchor cloths will also keep the throat plate from swallowing your fabric.

But when I bought my very expensive Pfaff with the embroidery module, I asked them to throw in the single-needle throat plate and a 1/4" foot. They did.

Ask for these things if you are buying a machine. Of course, a dealer isn't going to add these in for a low-cost machine. But if you are spending close to or over $1000, and they want to close the deal, you'd be amazed at what they will toss in for free.

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Mag, yes I do try to remember to activate the IDT. Thank you for the reminder! That makes a big difference too. Although when I was quilting my puppy's quilt, even with the IDT in place I found the fabric was bunching a little. Maybe I should have loosened off the tension - I'm still not totally comfy with my machine.

I was using a leader piece of fabric, but found it an awful nuisance to have to do that. I had these little bits of fabric and thread everywhere.

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I bought a single needle plate for my Janome Gem Platinum and it never worked right with the quarter inch foot, since the "center" on that is 3.5 and not 2.5 (what it is when you turn the machine on and for the needle plate to work). I never was able to really use it.

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Corrine, Using the leader/ender method is a great way to make 'crumb' blocks and use up a lot of scraps. When Gwen introduced me to Crumbs, it got me into a lot of trouble as, for awhile there, that was all I wanted to play with! But, they are fun!


Here is a link that might be useful: Quiltville - Leaders/Enders

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Corinne, I know this sounds scary, but if your 'line of stitching' is bunching or gathering slightly, you probably need to loosen your bobbin tension a teeny-tiny bit. Like a turning the screw on the bobbin case in 5 min increments on a clock.
I should also say - only because your machine is new, make sure you are loading the bobbin into the bobbin case correctly - the directions in my manual say to use the Pfaff name on the plastic bobbins as your guide to which way it faces --do not use this method, because that is assuming you always wind the bobbin with the Pfaff name a certain way--which I don't.
You will love your machine after you took me over a year ~lol.

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Oh, Sharon, my Brother loves to eat fabric even with leaders and enders!

Marsha, I checked Brother's website yesterday and they do have the single needle plate! Now just have to see if the local dealer has them or can order me one. Woohoo!


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Geraldine-maybe you do not have the correct plate for your machine - if the hole doesn't line up exactly with the center position of the needle - it would be a disaster - you would hit the plate and do all sorts of damage!

Donna~Yay!! Yay!!!!

I also find it incredibly helpful when sewing thru thick binding by machine-I do change to a 16 jeans needle to sew thru a double fold bias binding. The SNP really gives needed support for the needle to pierce all those layers. I can tell the difference when I use a blanket stitch and have to use my slotted plate.

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IDT = ??

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Sorry beeohio - Pfaff lingo:)
IDT is Pfaff's small little even feed foot that is located behind the regular foot similar to a walking foot. It is so small, it is easy to forget to re-engage it if you change feet often. It is invaluable in my opinion - it is what makes a Pfaff a Pfaff :)

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Sharon, thank you so much for the link to "Quiltville". It's now in my favourites list so I can go back again & again. I love her quilts - what a smart gal! This is so exciting, and I can sit here in my jammies to learn so much!

Best wishes - Corinne

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You're certainly welcome, Corrine. I think Bonnie's site is the best one around, has a lot of tips and very easy to move around......lots of stuff to learn and look at there. Marsha went to a very exciting class of Bonnie's not to long ago.

Fun fun fun...... @:)

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I have a Brother machine that only does a straight stitch (but a very fast one!). I am curious now about the plate. I will check when I go home. Now that it has been explained, I can see where that would be a great option. I too, have had many of fabric "eaten" by my machine!


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