Lightening Strike Near Pool, need new Pool Lights

cnr1089June 1, 2011

Lighting hit near our pool. A bunch of our pool's equipment breakers flipped (and some burned out). The only pool equipment that was damaged, was the pool lights. They are ColorLogic LED lights (I don't know the exact model number).

The pool company is going to come out to replace them next week. They don't know the cost yet.

Now, the question. How much should I expect to pay for this (obviously labor charges could vary). It pains me to have to pay "retail" for these lights, plus install charge. I would rather buy them online myself and have them install (if possible)..I know this is going to be expensive...

So, what is a reasonable price for replacement for the bulbs? Can these lights just have their bulbs replaced (if so, how much)?

Also, is this a faulty install if the lights can be affected by lightening strikes? Or is all the "bonding" to prevent humans from being struck through pool equipement/water?



BTW, this all happened this morning. The pool is relatively new (finished building in October, then shut down for the winter).

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This is the value added of every independent retailer/dealer. What you propose in buying them on the web and having a pro install it is like bringing your own burgers to Burger King.

If you were installing it yourself, the web is nice. Doable.

There are no bulbs, per se`. These are lit with LEDs, quite a lot of them. They are sealed and usually not further serviceable. Expected life is measured in decades.

If your pool is under your homeowners, you may be covered after the deductible.

Yup, your right, this is going to cost. If you had Color-Logics 2.5 lights, you can now take the opportunity to go to CL 4.0-s.


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Yeah, I guess the reason I was thinking about buying them myself, is because the pool builder told me the cost to fix (parts only) some non LED light (don't have the model off hand) and she said it was $950/light, which seemed extreme, considering that the color logics (which are different, I get it) go for between 500-600 online.

I payed my pool builder a lot of money to build this pool, I don't need them gauging me again for something like this (although it isn't their fault, of course).

Our home owners will cover this (after our $1000 deductible).

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Hi Chris, so sorry that has happened to you! What are the odds?? We had a ton of lightning where I am, and lots of wind, I was surprised to wake up and find everything in one piece. Do you know the electrician that worked on your pool? The reason I ask is that I'm sure if you contacted him/her directly the cost would be lower than if you have your PB contact them. I know a neighbor said who said they saved about $500 that way... Hope that helps! Marta

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The electrician that did our pool (Village Electric) was who came and diagnosed the problem and fixed everything else. They said "Call the pool company to replace the lights." I am pretty sure the pool companies service department is going to be doing it.

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We just resurfaced our pool and replaced our light that has never worked (about 12 years). So having any light was a plus and we don't use it that often. We ended up going with a ColorSplash LED because of the lightning threat. At $250 it is "relatively" inexpensive to replace.

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Ok, so I have to say, I feel a little ripped off. I know a business is a business, but the Pool Company is charging me $1200 per light for the color logic (hopefully 4) lights + install. This seems a little high. The cheapest I found online was $410 and the most expensive was $594. Again, I understand this is a business, but I sort of feel like I walked in to buy a Honda Accord and got charged $60k for a 30k car, because the car dealership needs to make money.

The insurance company is covering the cost above the deductible, but this just doesn't seem right. Am I being too paranoid?


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Our PB put 500 watt lights in our pool....on our pool list it say's LED lights...we caught it,but they would not put in LED, we talked to a different PB...he said they were about 1,100 for one...(we have two lights) he said we could get them for less on line...we ordered on line for 450...had them put in for 100...we did not want our PB to make more money on us....hope this helps...

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Ok, so our pool company still hasn't "received" our Colorlogic 4 LED lights (which they are charging $1250 each!), so I am thinking, since most retailers are selling them from between $500-$600 with 2 day shipping, I could order them myself and just install them.

Any hints on how this is done? I suspect I would need to:

1) Turn the power off to the pool/lights
2) Go to the junction where the lights are connected (there are 2 of them, one for one light, one for the other)
3) Disconnect the light there
4) Go into the pool, unscrew the light
5) Attach a wire snake to the end of the light I just disconnected (maybe not necessary, but probably easier)
6) Pool the light out through the pool
7) Attach new light to snake
8) Pool light through
9) reconnect

  1. Make sure everything is connected
  2. Turn light back on

Is there anything I am missing? Is this something a home owner can/should do? I am not sure I can go all summer without pool lights and I can't wait for my pool company to "receive" these very expensive replacement lights...(well, it will save me $1200 + labor if I do it myself). Am I being a moron? Am I going to electrocute my family when I turn them on (well, I wouldn't turn them on with them in the pool, obviously).

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Well, according to the install manual, this is pretty brain dead simple:

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How did it go? Was it as easy as you thought? No impact to your warranty?

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