Ordered faucet, but....?

fav.auntx2March 26, 2013

Just ordered my faucet from FaucetDirect! Yay!! The Woodmere is on its way!

So, a quick question. I placed a coupon found on another site (retailmenot) for $15 off and the tax disappeared from the cart along with the expected $15! I went ahead through the steps of completing the order and it never reappeared. Placed the order fully expecting to be charged taxes in the end. Reviewed my receipt upon final order placement.........nothing. No taxes charged. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had this happen?

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If you ordered from another state and the store doesn't have a brick and mortar store in your state, they're not required to charge you sales tax. The tax probably disappeared when you entered your address, not the coupon code. Technically, you may owe your state "use" tax which you declare when you file your state income tax next year.

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