Just FYI ... (coffee in chocolate cake)

joann23456April 10, 2013

Many chocolate cakes include coffee for additional flavor. And it seems to me that people who like coffee can't taste the coffee in those cakes. They say things like, "It doesn't taste like coffee; the coffee just makes the flavor richer."

But just FYI, for those of us who don't like coffee - your cakes taste like coffee!

(Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. I was just disappointed again by yet another terrific-looking piece of chocolate cake that made me gag with the coffee taste. Everyone else seemed to like it, though!)

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As an opposite of what you posted I put chocolate milk in
my coffee......( I can only take one cup (or two tops) myself though)

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When we make a big batch of chili my DH adds a little Hersey cocoa. It's not enough to taste but it helps cut the acid from the tomatoes.

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I've never tasted coffee in any cakes.

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I like coffee, but I don't like it in brownies or cake. IMO, it gives an off taste.

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I don't think I've ever tasted coffee in cakes either. However, chocolate and coffee is probably my all time favorite combination of flavors so I'd more than welcome it!! When I get several scoops of ice cream, it is always chocolate and coffee. If three (decadent!) it is chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut/nutella.

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Hmmm, I do like "mocha" flavor. and I have heard of using both coffee and /or unsweetened baking chocolate in Mexican mole sauces.

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I don't like coffee....have never in my whole life drank a cup of coffee. However, I have a chocolate cookie recipe that calls for a couple of teaspoons of coffee, and I can't taste it in the recipe. It is one of my favorite recipes, and if I could taste the coffee, I wouldn't like it at all.

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I am not a coffee drinker and can always detect it in food. I bake with chocolate quite a bit and do add a very small amount of espresso powder to many of my recipes. It gives the chocolate more depth without lending a coffee taste. I have done a side by side comparison of chocolate buttercream frosting with and without espresso powder. Everyone chose the one with the powder saying it had a richer chocolate taste.

I do agree that some bakers tend to put in too much coffee.

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