How close can a peninsula come to a doorway?

chinchetteMarch 11, 2013

This is the gutted kitchen on my flip house. Its an L. The sink and dishwasher will be on the short end. Its a small house, small space. The long wall is 14.5 feet to the point that you see the mark on the wall where the old run ended. That door is to the bedrooms and a bathroom. The other door is to the livingroom. The little breakfast area is where you see the sun shining in, of course, past the doorways. There are two sliding glass doors.

What is the max you think I can skootch the peninsula down the wall towards the door? Mainly, I want the granite to extend so there is enough width the peninsula. Thanks for looking!

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Molly Phillips

Are you wanting stools there? We had a similar situation and the base cabinets ended at about 10 inches from the opening. We extended our quartz out 7 inches from there and then began an arch that went to 16 inches before ending at 7 inches on the other side...but we wanted seating there and our opening went out to the living room side. We also got rid of our breakfast area and made that more of a walkway so there was plenty of room for breathing space.

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There is not enough room for stool there with the walkway too close.

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Oh, I see what you mean. Your stools are not near the door.

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Molly Phillips

No, but we did have to make sure there was enough walkway space. Our opening to the LR is very wide, though - 56". If you aren't going to have stools there, you can go up to 2" I bet - our old cabinets had 3.5" of space before the opening.

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Seems like 3.5 is okay number. Thanks.

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The guy who is templating is suggesting that the granite come right up to the doorway. What do you think? It still is only about 33" wide.

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We have our peninsula start at the sliding glass door to our backyard (which is a 7 foot door, but of course, only opens 3.5 feet). We added a rounded overhang, but on the other end of the peninsula, not at the door. You can see what I mean in this picture. Our overhang seats 2 comfortably.

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That's an interesting solution. I think my template guy was right on my installation. I'm going to go with it flush to the door. I saw the mock-up today.

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