New build DFW area

hv4xpy4June 11, 2009

been lurking here while getting ideas. finally got started last week so thought i would post some photos. project was delayed by 3-4 weeks due to a complete redesign required by my suburb's interpretation of the word 'structure' and build line. Suburb will remain nameless until i have passed all my inspections...

i was out of town the day they dug which totally bummed me out, but DW took some photos. one upside, they shot gunite yesterday and it has been raining about every 12 hours since so i haven't had to worry with all that watering.

will post photos along the way here (hopefully)

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That is going to be NICE! Look forward to more photos! Like the shape of your spa and the water features also.

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yes--that is kind of unique spa/pool integration--we also have long area for pool--
do you have photo that shows ALL pool length or the design?
is there waterfall effect from the spa step?

we are also in DFW are (Mid Cities)
what builder are you using

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below is a scan of the plan. The transition between spa & pool will be a stacked flagstone spillover thing. there will be 2 gushers & an umbrella sleeve on the sun bench, then 2 scuppers in the raised beam along the fence line.

we had to deal with a bunch of easements and build line restrictions which led me to go with the straight line design. our original plan was a freeform, but the shape & size we wanted wouldn't fit after the city got thru with it.

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still--free form pools are really pretty common nowadays--unlike in the past when rectangulars were more the norm...
I think the spa looks oversized which is always cool and using a spillover and steps makes it seem very upscale/spa...
would you might saying who your builder is
are you happy with how they have handled things--
did you get bad rain Wednesday like rest of DFW...

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are either one of those low enough in the water to use as step out?
and what kind of pool decking are you using around the pool--poured/stained concrete--

and what did they do with downspout drainage--

I am worried about all the water coming off our steep roof it seems like our downspouts put out a ton of water when we have bad storms like this weeks--we had 7 or 8 inches of rain in a night...which is unusual but our roof is steep and we have like 5 downspouts in back yard alone

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we could have stayed w a freeform, i just didn't like how it would have had a lot of wasted yard space once we squeezed it in between all the easements. and i wanted pool, not a bunch of extra space for landscaping etc. personal choice. (i will confess to liking the comments from neighbors already that its "different from everyone else's freeform rock waterfall pool") - no offense to freeform rock waterfall people :-)

our builder is Claffey Pools. completely happy with the whole process thus far.

yes we expect the benches at the deep end to be step outs.

the 2 downspouts will drain into underground drains

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Nice job. Looks like they know how to plan and build a pool.

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lots of progress the last few days.

only when building a pool are you excited to see strangers in your backyard at 7:30am on a saturday

gas lines, tile, and the stone veneer pretty much complete. coping tomorrow.

tile is "blue china". it looks gray in the photos, but we've seen it on a finished pool and it looks more blue but with nice colors that match the stone veneer.

this is the best looking stone wall that no one is ever going to see as it is the backside of the spa and pool drop/raised beam.

raised beam with flagstone scuppers

spa veneer stone and the beginning of the flagstone spillway onto the tanning ledge

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for the construction junkies out there i posted some more build process photos

Here is a link that might be useful: Various Build Photos

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we know someone who builds small number of custom homes a year--he gets claffey to put in the pools--
they do a good job--but they are more expensive than some of the other builders but they have a good reputation with people I have talked to who used them...

would you mind giving a ballpark figure for your construction and is this a salt water pool?

who did they use for their concrete drop for your pool?

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things continue moving right along. stone & coping all done. decks formed and drains done today. inspection and pressure test tomorrow then pour on wed.

with these 100 degree temps we just sit and look longingly for the day we get to jump in.

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those spacers they use look lot nicer than some other things like broken bricks I have seen

is that your gas bib for your BBQ grill coming up by the drainspout in the last picture?
If so, is it standard to cement over that line?

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yep, that is a grill line. not sure if it is standard or not to pour around it, but we passed city inspection today so they should be pouring tomorrow.

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decking done yesterday. hoping as it dries it will turn whiter rather than the current splotchy gray.

i've noticed people normally post the equipment list and such as well. here's the list for our setup:
Jandy equipment
2hp stealth pump
1.5hp booster pump
1.5hp blower
400K BTU Lxi heater
DE48 filter
Paramount Clear O3 Ozone
PDA remote control
Poolvergnugen cleaner
Okla Flag coping
Milsap stone veneer
Blue China tile
Granite Blue PebbleSheen
Salt deck w flag ribbon

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passed final inspection. On to pebblesheen tomorrow.

not many pics to post. In between decking and plaster it's fairly boring stuff like lawn sprinkler rerouting, fencing, grading and cleanup. Important, but not entertaining like the stone masons.

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blue granite pebblesheen went in today. acid wash and start filling tomorrow. excited we are starting w cool water in july, maybe the water will stay below 95 for at least a few days.

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Looking very nice, just started our pool build here in Austin. I have a question about your umbrella anchor. I have never seen one before. Is it metal? Will it be permanently in the pool surface? is there a cap or cover you put on it when it is not being used? Do you need a special type of umbrella to go in there?

Thanks for the information.

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thx cmoses. good luck on your build

The umbrella sleeve was brass i think, about 6-8 inches long with a lid on it. They leave a hole for it at gunite and then wire it to the ground wire or whatever went around the rest of the rebar. If you scroll up a few photos you can see it laying down on the large bench step right below the spa spillway in between the pvc pipes.

When they plastered it is now flush with the bench - the lid is the white circle in the middle of the bench step now.

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thats going to be nice. all your going to need to mow your back yard is a pair of scissors! i wish mine was like that. :) i love the shape and the way the spa goes into the pool with the steps right there. your going to love it when it done.

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Great design! Ya know how you have those days when you don't want to get wet but want to sit down and stick your feet in the pool? The cap on the spa between the spillway and the entry to the beach would probably be my favorite place to sit when I didn't want to get fully INTO the pool. And having the spillway right there for the sight and sound....Lovely.

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pool filled and running for a couple days now. PB says chemicals are good for swimming on Saturday. woohoo!

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teppy- thx and yes i had no desire for yardwork in the back. My mindset was that if I'm putting in a pool, I want pool and deck; not turf. We don't have pets, and even if we did, we have sideyards for that and good size yard out front.

banana; the sound is great. PB left everything running last night: spa fountain, spillway, bubblers, and scuppers and it was like a rushing river out there. We'll have to turn everything down a bit to get to 'soothing'

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Wow, your pool is truly amazing! Can you clarify the decking? I wasn't clear on what that is exactly.

Hope you have a great day today to enjoy your new outdoor paradise!

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thx much mysilly. the decking is called "salt deck" around here but it is just concrete that they work rock salt into the top of. Then when the concrete dries the salt washes out and leaves the texture. i didn't want to spend upgrade money on decking. The salt deck, broom finish, and aggregate finish were all the 'basic options'. the salt deck was nicest looking while still being easy on feet (texture & heat wise) in our opinion.

an update to my above post about the grey color, it has gotten white now as it cured and has been washed off.

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Thanks for the info! I wish I could pick up your pool and place it in my backyard. I am just beginning the process and have received 3 estimates. I now must go back and show them everything in your pool and have the duplicate it - I LOVE IT! :) Happy Swimming!

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I like the little fountain in the spa. How did you make that happen?

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jpark, to be honest the PB said "we normally put a fountain in the spa" I said "ok sounds good". so now there's a fountain.

There's a return or jet in the middle of the spa floor that it screws into. it's just a clear plastic fountain top attached to a clear pipe.

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What is the stacked stone on your spa spillway? Using the Paramount Clear O3 Ozone, are you chlorine free?

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hi hv4xpy4,

can you share the height and length of the raised beam wall and also what type of lighting did you do in the pool?


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nosabe: the spillway is stacked okla flagstone. Same flagstone that is used on the coping. The Paramount does not allow you to go chlorine free at all. The ozone just helps to break down the bacteria, chloramines, etc. before they hit the filter. It is supposed to reduce the overall amount of chlorine you have to put in the system while still maintaining a safe pool. It does not however (contrary to some posts I read here) actually reduce the % of residual chlorine you need to have in your water. Paramount claims that it reduces the amount of chlorine you need to use in order to maintain that residual percentage. It also helps reduce the amount of chloramines in the water (the dead stuff killed by chlorine) that create the "chlorine smell" that most people think is chlorine, but is actually the result of chlorine working on killing something.

mysilly, the raised beam wall w scuppers is 18" high x 12' long. It has now been discovered to be the perfect height for kids to do canon balls off of into the deep end.

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mysilly, sorry forgot to answer the lighting part. we just went with basic Jandy 500w pool light and 100w i think spa light.. For me, lighting was not a place i wanted to spend upgrade money so we went with the basic lights offered by PB.

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Thanks for all the great info!

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Your pool looks gorgeous! Love the color.
Good to know that the kids will be jumping off the wall---I kinda sorta think mine will be doing the same.
Have you added chemicals yet? Did that change your color much?
We will prolly be doing Pebble Sheen next week. It's going so fast!
Happy Swimming!

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Awesome looking pool. I am a fellow North Texan who planned on building a pool next year. We decided to start getting all the 'ducks in a row' this year and then got all excited and went ahead and pulled the trigger. All the crazy permits are now out of the way and when I got home from lunch today, I noticed my yard had a spray painted pool in it. I checked my voice mail and my PB said he was staking out the pool tomorrow and digging on Thursday!

I interviewed 6 different builders and ended up going with SeaHorse. We also liked Claffey but I was able to negotiate a little better with SH. Our pool is a little similar to yours with the 18" raised beam and geometric lines.

Sorry to ramble on...just excited!

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janet: yes chemicals are in - still trying to get the balance just right. Chemicals make a huge difference in the color of the water. Over the weekend when things were kinda out of whack I didn't like the color - looked kinda green and gray and just not good. Once we are now getting the chlorine and the acid right, then the color looks much better. Put in some pics of color from today below. Another thing is that the color really changes all thru the day based on sun, clouds, what's reflecting around the pool etc. I highly recommend seeing the colors you are choosing in person if at all possible. The little samples at the PB are impossible to get a feel from. Our PB has tons of pools around the area so we were able to go see another pool with same coping, tile and everything as we wanted so it made the choice easier.

paradig; enjoy your build, you will still have plenty of summer to enjoy it; we have had a really great experience with Claffey, but they are upfront that "we aren't building these because we need the practice"; if i were to build again, I would use them with no questions asked but of course there are many good PBs in the area

completed pool school today. Just a few punch list items left and it's all ours. As mentioned above, color really improved with the chemical balance. Also learned how to take off the fountainhead in the spa and make it a gusher like the rest. I like that look better so we'll leave it off.

And lastly, if there was any question why we need a pool in the first place, these temps tell the story...

(full disclosure - our pool equipment with the air temp sensor is on the west facing side of the house in full sun, but still - it's friggin hot here...)

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Congrats! I love your new pool, especially the tile and pebble colors, We may use these as well based on your pics alone, your water color is beautiful. You may have already mentioned this but is your deck a salt deck and are you pleased with it?

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That looks great! Traditional chlorine or saltwater?

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courtlynn: yes it is salt deck. I liked it the best of the 3 base options (salt deck, broom finish, or aggregate). Salt deck felt best on the feet (texture & temperature) and looked ok with the stonework. For the 1st week after they poured it I was concerned b/c it was very ugly gray but it has cured out to white. I think it would look best stained beige/offwhite, but they cautioned that raises the temp so I am just sticking with white for now. I didnt want to spend upgrade money on deck, but if we had I probably would have done spray deck as we have some friends with that and they like it.

nosabe: we went with traditional chlorine w ozonator and Nature 2 express

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Absolutely gorgeous, so refreshing to see a contemporary style. DH said your masons can come work for him anytime (he's a fanatic). We are waiting to see your landscaping now. Congrats, Barb

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thx Barb; the masons were here for 4.5 days and i agree they did great. There will always be a stone or 2 that you wish they had done differently, but overall the look is just what we were hoping for. we've got appts with 3 landscapers tomorrow to get bids so hopefully we'll get some plants in soon. Altho july in texas is not a great time to plant so i'll make sure i'm getting a good warranty in case it all burns up by august.

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Your pool is beautiful! I have a few questions about your spa if you wouldn't mind helping me out. I am planning my pool currently and want to make sure everything is perfect. First, how many jets did you get? Second, do you remember what the dimensions of the spa were? Third, I see your spa bench is offset to 2 different heights. Do you remember what these were? Thanks!

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leep (like the name): thx for your comments. spa is 7x8 with 6 jets. it really should have been 8 jets as 8 people could easily fit; the 2 depths are 24" and 26" (measured from the top of the coping); by varying the bench height & jet height, you can move around and get jets in diff places on your back.

having had it for a few weeks now i think the spa is actually too big for our needs. If we did it again would go little smaller and keep it to a 6 person size but it will prob be good for having friends over etc;

while i'm talking lessons learned from the spa: 1) I really like it as far as having one in general. i sit in the spa and watch the kids play in the pool. we went back/forth on if it was worth the money, and so far i am glad we did it. 2) the other thing we've realized we didn't need was the "blower"; we turned it on once and it sounded like a jet engine (if this is "the quietest blower on the market" per the brochure I would be frightened to hear the loudest one), and the jets were enough to blow you across the spa. Maybe if you had 10-12 jets it would be necessary but for our 6 jet setup it is overkill.

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Well we made the final payment yesterday so it's all ours. Waiting on several landscaping quotes to come back so we can finally be finished and have the backyard "vision" realized.

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That's beautiful.

I can't wait to get mine done, get all the trash out of my yard, get the grass back in, install the new fence, re-run the sprinklers and let my dogs back out.

Dang, I have a lot to do. Now I feel stressed.

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What is that sleave in the pool that the umbrella sits in?

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neilaz, the white thing is a piece of PVC pipe that was a temp fix for the fact that our umbrella sleeve in the pool (which is brass) is 2" diameter and the umbrellas we bought are only 1.5" dia. I had that piece of 2" pvc handy that filled up the extra space so the umbrella would stay upright.

plan is to cut the pvc to under water level so it's not noticeable. We got those umbrellas for cheap $59 at leslie's so i decided i'd 'make em work' rather than spending a bunch on the larger 2" dia pole ones.

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Lori B

Came across your thread when looking for DFW PBs. Not sure if you would re-check this thread now. Four years later, are you still happy with everything? Can you tell me how you like the salt finish decking? We are looking to do that as well, since our patio is already salt finish. Our patio is just plain concrete color...after 2.5 years it has darkened. Do you like the salt finish everywhere? Does it have an integral color mixed into it? Also it looks like your salt finish decking is scored. Is that the way they naturally did it, or an upcharge? I like the look of some scored marks.

are you happy with all other pool aspects?

    Bookmark   May 1, 2013 at 4:53PM
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