French Country/Tuscan Decorating

SarahPantsApril 8, 2013

Me and my boyfriend are 19, moving into a new apartment sometime in August/September. I was thinking of selling the furniture we have now, and starting over. I'm not sure how big our apartment is actually going to be. Or if we can paint. We haven;t found an apartment for sure yet.
I want our house to be really cute. I like the French Country and Tuscan styles of decorating. We don't have a lot of money for it, but I really want to decorate our house. Links and such are appreciated. I'm trying to find semi-cheap furniture and things.
Oh, and I like natural colors. Black, brown, beige, grey, white.. I don't want A TON of color, but maybe a little. Red, maybe?
I guess I want it to be more Tuscan than French Country. But I found these AMAZING pillows that I wanted to use. Was also going to buy a picture of a bird on a clothing line that had clothes pins holding the letters "L U V". Wanted to incorporate that if it would look good.
I like dark brown furniture. And don't want it to be too antique-y, but not really modern. Don't want it to look like grandma's house.. I am only 18.

I also ADORE this living room. Not sure what style it is though.. But would like to incorporate things like that. The actual stuff in that picture is WAY too expensive. But I would like to replicate it if possible..

Here is a link that might be useful: PILLOWS

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Maybe instead of the art in that picture, I could use things like this?

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I you can get cheap frames from the dollar store and paint them black then use your copy machine copy the prints you like if you can find some online. Creigs list is a great place to get started on inexpensive furnature. So are thrift stores and garage sales. My daughter got some really nice real wood peices that way and painted them.

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My son moved out of state and practically furnished his entire apt. with free stuff from Craig's list! Love thrift shops too! The livingroom you pictured also has some industrial looking items like the coffee table. It is very cool. I would also frame my own art. Maybe black and white prints from old magazines. Value city furniture has inexpensive sectionals with tons of sizes, styles and colors to choose from online. The pillows are cute and seem to be priced well. Good luck in your new place and have fun with it.

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Maybe you could find a super duper cute pillow that says "H A H A H A H A H"

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LOL, shanghaimom. BTW those pillows are soooo not french country.

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The picture you posted is neither French Country nor Tuscan. A good exercise to define your personal style is to rip out any magazine picture you love and note what element of the room or house appeals to you. After you have collected several, look at them all and try to determine the underlying principles that draw you to those settings. Is it color, whimsy, shape?

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I didn't think the picture was French Country or Tuscan. I just love that living room. Mostly the couch and Chandeliers. I like natural colors. In our house now, we have a lot of dark brown and animal prints. My favorite things we have are a roman numeral clock, and dark brown wood antique side table I have by the door. I also have some chindi rugs that I liked. Like this picture, but no fringe. And I like that kind of style (I don't know. Kinda handmade/African looking? I guess that's kinda the vibe I was going for. But I want elegant and pretty.)
Decorating would be a lot easier if we had a lot of money, but we don't. So I'm very limited and don't know what to do. I'm definitely not a decorator.

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Oh, I also really like the art in that picture of the living room.

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Those of us who enjoy decoration all suffer from liking a million different looks or styles. Unfortunately, to pull together a successful design, even an eclectic one, you have to have a plan. I've recommended a book, The Meghan Method, to many first-time homeowners. I think the book is pretty comprehensive when it comes to thinking about what you want and like in a design and how to put together a plan. Another new decorator, like you, talks a little about the book in the thread from this site that I've linked below and other experienced decorators have chimed in on other ways to think about inspiration and planning.

It's tempting to try and make your decorating a one-stop shopping trip or a replication of someone else's design, but if you will think through what you really want and need, put together a budget and take your time, I think you will be able to pull together an interesting room that you can enjoy inhabiting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration?

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Sarah, I apologize. I thought you were spam. Sorry.

The main colors for tuscan french country are reds, golds, black and browns, with a few other colors thrown in. I personally don't like words on pillows like that because it's like you're telling everyone your home is french country. It's all in the accessories and furniture. Checks are used in french country too.

Do a google search on "Tuscan french country decorating." and you'll get a lot of images to help you.

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Actually, youâÂÂd be better off to search google for either âÂÂfrench county decorâ , or "Tuscan decor"......since each represents the decorating elements of two different countries. French country has a much paler and milder color palate then the golds, reds, blacks and browns of Tuscany. I believe.

Here is a link that might be useful: french country

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As young as you are don,t worry about having really expensive things. Your life will go threw alot of changes and more than likely a lot of moves in the next 5 years . Its much easier if your not tired to a whole apartment full of stuff you cann,t bare to part with. Buy a decent used nuetral colored couch and chair and then your styes and color choices can easily bechanged out from there. Your young, enjoy being able to change out yours styes as the whim strikes you. My oldest is now 29 but her and her friends all really had fun changing out their styles and colors all threw their school years. Her bed dresser couch and table and a desk stayed the same but everything else went threw major changes and she enjoyed doing it.

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Nanny is right. French Country and Tuscan and two different styles. The link she provided you is great for French Country. I even see the cover photo on there from a French Country Magazine. You can pick that magazine up at many bookstores and even some grocery stores for about $10. You could get alot of inspiration there. Below is a link of a blog on french country and a beautiful room (and it has a clock like you mentioned).

I don't know much about Tuscan style but you can do a search for that too and I'm sure come up with all kinds of images and info.


Here is a link that might be useful: french country room

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That RH pic is showing "loft style" which is inexpensively knocked off at a lot of places, my favorite being World Market. You can also find lots of dark wood furniture for real cheap. I pretty much furnished my son's apartment using that store.

If you are at all artistic (even just a little bit) get a roll of craft paper, do some charcoal drawings on it and frame using inexpensive frames from Hobby Lobby or the like.

Here is a link that might be useful: World Market

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Maybe you could start now scouring Craigslist and garage sales looking for something that you love, love, love. Art, furniture, etc. Just one or two pieces. Those can be your jumping off point for inspiration and take you in a firmer direction than just imagining having things from lots of different decor styles. Look at places like Target or Marshalls or Tuesday morning for pillows like you pictured.

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Here's a link to a website that posts free vintage images that you can use to make pillows, artwork, etc. She also posts instructions for how to transfer the images to different materials.

You might get some ideas that you can create for very little money. (I have no connection or affilliation with this website, just found some interesting images)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Graphics Fairy

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I know that French Country and Tuscan decorating are different styles. But I like things from each one, and wanted to combine the two..

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